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Monday, 22 December 2008

Converting: Salamanders Tacticals from Battle Force.

Hi all, Vang Kantra is nearly done but I want iy=t to be a bit of a supprise when you see him, now, onto this posts main concern, I have built the Battle force Tacticals (well 10 of them) and I have been busy converting, without further addo here they are.

The back.

And now the front, the outstreched arm origionally hel a pistol but I cut it off and replaced it with the bolter, his other arm holds a grenade, as you can see he also has melta-bombs.

The back.

Now the conversion, first part of his arm holds the melta-gun, which has a sight, plain and simple, but his other arm was a different story, I cut off the hand then cut off the handles and shaved down the guards of two combat blades, then I glued them together and attached it to the wrist, next I cut the wings of an aquilla in the vercle sprue then attached them to the sides of the weapon.

Another view

Now this guy is quite simple but his conversions are clean, I cut the plasma pistol of one arm and replaced it with the bolter then cut another weapon off the other hand and attached on a bolt pistol.

Then the back of this dude.

Right, now all the guys bellow are just normal dudes:

Except this guy, whilst he may not look that good now he does when his arms are attached then he looks like he is defending from incoming fire whilst still shooting his bolter.

In the fluff for my Sallies, they are all well trained and many have reached veteran status however they are only a small force and can muster about a company and some tanks with the help of the Terran Hands so lots of veterans are willingly fighting as tacticals, this explains the conversions and why there is so much dirt on the Salamanders.

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