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Monday, 1 December 2008

Codex: Chaos cultists: Pics.

Hi all, here are the pics from 's Adam Hunter, some of the wargear in these pics isn't legal because they will be incorporated in later rules.

This drawing is actually mine. He does not have a sheild it is just a bubble round his arm saying that it is a slaanesh upgrade. This is just a pic to show one incarnation of a chaos preacher with tabard. His chest is Khorne because their is an explosive charge in their so when he dies he will kill more. Blood for the blood god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the model for an independant character.

This is like a bodyguard squad.

These are just a few men to show different weapons. Some men come from different squads.

More guys in poses.

Heavy squads.

Building the men.

Adams models of cultists.

Two assasins.

Regular guys.

A small unit from a squad, the sergeant could be a torturar with a little adjustment to the rules.

More men.

Hope you like this and remember to check below because there are lots of other posts today.

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