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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Games day: pt 2, MY SWAG!

Hi, this time it's all about my swag, not all of it mind you but a good chunk of it. Anyway, on with the pics:Everything.

Encampment one

quad gun 1

quad gun 2

Along with this I had another 3 lots of barricades and a couple more bare bases. I thought I had done really well but then I heard that my mate had got 20 sets of barricades and 1 quad gun. AA well. I still have lots. So, tell us what you think.

Thanks for reading,


Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Games Day: Part 1, New Space Wolves Sprue pics.

So, at Games Day I bought a box of the new space wolves (they will be a small squad of chaos in my up and coming chaos guard army hint hint!) and I thought i'd share the sprue pics with you, here we go:

There are two of each set of sprues, above and below are sprue set 1:

And above and below here are sprue set two:

Thanks for reading guys and I hope you enjoyed it,


Monday, 28 September 2009

Painting: pics of my friends Ogre.

Sorry for not posting for a bit but I have been prepping and going to Games Day (more on that later this week). Anyway, here are the pics of my friends Ogre who I painted for him.

The whole thing.

a little way away.

The back.

And here he is again.
Again I am sorry for not posting but I will make up for it in quality posts. Thanks for reading,

Friday, 25 September 2009

Scratch built: more added to the palanquin.

Hi, the other day I decided to add some more onto my palanquin, here are the pics:

I green stuffed over the top and added some sides (soon to be greened).

more pics

and more

and more.
Games Day soon and there will be a report on that. Hope you enjiyed this and be sure to check out yesterdays dicussion.
Thanks for reading,

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Discussions: 2, let them do it or just say no?

Hi, today's discussion will be about letting people do things they forgot about or telling them life is tough.

I mean if somebody moves his entire army apart from one little unit right at the back then goes onto the shooting phase and fires with two units then would you let him move the ineffective little unit he forgot about. Probably yes, but what if that was his main shooting unit and it made the difference between them being in range or not. Or what if it was the JAWS OF THE WOLF LORD idiot psychic power dude (sorry that is another rant) that made the line reach your commander if he moves him. Now I know that you would probably let someone do it if they remembered it in like the next phase but I also know that I would not let someone change anything if it was two turns on.

This also depends on whether you are playing competitively or not, here is what I do for each level o competitiveness.

basement game: let them do what they like as long as they have that attitude.
store game: let them take most things back unless a) they are playing competitively or b) they are being stupid.
tourney lower level: kind of goes back to store game but sometimes a bit more relaxed.
tourney middle: very competitive because you all playing for the high spots.
tourney top: I have never been here but from info that I have gathered sometimes you can be a bit more relaxed if you know the bloke, I mean if your both this good then you both will probably know that he was going to charge with that unit so you can let him off quite a bit.

But hey, thats my view, please leve a comment and tell us what you think.

Thanks for reading,


Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Tutorials: blood pt 2: 3D blood.

Hi, so this is my tutorial on doing 3D blood. I hope you like it.

First get a length of cotton, tie lots of knots in it (the more you tie the more manky it looks). Then paint blood red.
Next attach to the end of whatever your attaching it to with super glur and wala.

I'd like to take some time here to say that if you cut the thread up intod little its then attach it to one area then it can be 3D blood rather than 3D blood/hamstring on the end of something.
Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Polls: What you would like to see more of closed.

Hi, the other day my poll on what you would like to see more of closed, here are the results:

"More tutorials. 16 (76%)

Big projects. 9 (42%)

More interesting armies. 5 (23%)

More news. 1 (4%)

More reports on things like Gamesday. 1 (4%)

More cool tidbits of info. 13 (61%)

Votes so far: 21"

Now as you can see, people like my tutorials. I have quite a few more planned to satisfy desires. Another big winner was cool tidbits which I am trying to sort out, I know that I meant stuff like the fact that the third letter of the Jewish alphabet is kislev. Let me know what you think it means though. Hopefully I can find a big project for me to work on and I have an interesting plan for my next army. More news and reports was never going to be my big thing but I will be putting up a review of this games day from my point of view.

Thanks for reading and I hope your happy with the results. If you have a opinion or have something else you would like me to do then please comment.

Thanks for reading,


Monday, 21 September 2009

Tutorials: How to paint blood, quick and simple.

Hi, todays tutorial is abput how to paint blood. Now remember, all of my tutorials are done on a basis of 'this won't give you amazing standards but will look like what it's supposed to, anyway along with my tutorial:

Before pic. I always like to let you see the guy before aswell as after.

It's hard to see but I have painted rd gore over where I want the blood to be.

Then finally highlight with blood red. If the cut is almost dry then you can leve more of the cut red gore. If there is a bit of a scab the use blck and highlight brown. This entire tecnique would look better over a larger area but this is what I had to work with.

Thanks everyone and please let me know if you think he looks better/worse after the blood.

Thanks for reading,


Saturday, 19 September 2009

Notes: Painting a friends Ogre pt 1.

Hi, today I want to talk about what I have been doing recently, now pics may appear in the future but I am not at home so I can't take any at the moment. So on with what I am doing:

I have been painting a friends Ogre, him and me came up with a colour scheme for his models and I said I would paint this one because I had all the paints. Now, my friend is not a very good painter and all his models have multiple colour schemes on just painted over each other. These Ogres look terrible because he did not spray or base coat instead he just threw 1 layer of elf flesh on them. So now I am going to help him by finding him a quick and easy colour scheme that he can achive easily. Here it is, remember I am only working on the skin here:

1) spary white
2) paint Tallarn flesh (1-2 layers)
3) Wash heavily with Devlan mud,
4) Paint some blue/red markings/tattoes.

Now I know that there is no highlight but it will look ok and he could well mess up high lights. Please give him some help by comenting when I put the pics up.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Notes: Things to come.

Hi guys, just a quickie today her is what is coming up:

1. I have got the pics for both the blood and 3d blood tutorial and just need to load them up.

2. The landspeeders need to have some more work done before another project update but they are coming soon. Same goes for the nights.
3. I should be getting a game in today, I will tell you how it goes.
4. The how to on dark skin will have to wait a while because I have run out of models and I have not sprayed the models I want to paint.
5. Full army pics are on the way.
Thanks for reading, sorry this was only a quickie. I am afraid to say that no one has joined the common bloggers group, there is a link in the side bar to where you can very easily join,

WoC: The dreaded knights of chaos have been started.

Ok, so i built and sprayed these dudes when I first started WoC and since then the first guy in the painting line has been WIP, now he is close to finished but not quite. However there have been some other changes to the models, on with the pics:

The whole squad.

As you can see I have shortened the lances to make them more like glaives (basically a sword on a pole). this allows me to count them as the much more effective enchanted weapons.

Another guy

And the guy that is very occasionly my champion.

Next is the pic of my WIP painted guy.

And again

and again.

and again.

Then finally there is my musician.

I hope you enjoyed this little project update, if you have any questions, comments or critisisms then please comment away.

Thanks for reading,


Thursday, 17 September 2009

Discussions: 1, WYSIWYG vs count as.

So, from now on I will be numbering my weekly discussions and they will be on Thursdays rarther than Wednesdays because I am very busy on Wednesdays, todays discussion is about: WYSIWYG and count as.

Now, imagine you walk into a tourney and you come to a table and you see a mechanicum army using space marine rules, now technically he can use count as and he can just tell you what everything is but, is that WYSIWYG, the answear is no but if all of his half men half track dudes holding bolters were his tac marines and all the bit stablised robots that had las cannons were his devs then would you find that fine. At the momment all my armies are WYSIWIG exept one unit in my WOC army. That is my war shrine, GW don't make a model for it so I made my own but, it is supposed to be drawn by horsed and mine is drawn by wolves. All the people at my GW let me use it but would you, it isn't WYSIWYG but is is kind of count as. The same goes for counting cadians with snipers and ratlings. Would you let people use that, it makes the guardsman T2 and BS4 so should you let him use it. I don't know.

My view: I will generally let people use what they want and try to be a good sport, I am the guiy that you could play snipers as ratlings against, I mean I was played a it of a WOTR game where elves were being used to represent orcs. But I might not in a tourney. Al I can say is that I am happy to know that if I did a mechanicum army and used as marines then I could walk into my store and play with it.

So, where do you stand? How flexible are you, will you let people take guard allies for marines or any other mad stuff. Tell us what you would (have) done (do).

Thanks for reading,


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Marines: update on land speeder squardron.

Hi, today is a little project update on my land speeder squadron, when it's done then I should have two cool looking models and one chipped, rubbishly painted battered speeder from ages ago. Anyway along with the WIP pics.

The whole squadron, the two new ones abiously are not done.

Close up one.

Close up two.

And just so you can see the difference close up three.

I hope you enjoyed reading, questions and comments are always welcome. More pics to come when the models are done.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Fluff: My force (space marines).

HI, this post is in answer to a comment on a previous post asking me to post up my fluff for my marine force. So here it is:

The whole force 1: My force is a compilation of forces from different chapters. There is most of the Terran Hands force, the remnants of a Salamander specialist company called 'The Dark Inferno' and a very small detachment of silver skulls that was found by the battle force.

Terran Hands: the Terran Hands are succesors of the Ultramarine and Imperial Fists, when making the chapter the gene seed of the two primarchs was mixed creating a special breed of space maine. My chapter is not pompous like Ultramarines but are extremely hardend fighters that will never break, though they do have high tactical acumen and may 'tactically withdraw' if the situation commands it. The Terran Hands adore Land Raiders but are only in posation of 3, all of which remain permanatly on the battle barge because there is only 10 tech marines between my entire battle force and all of the LR are in a terrible state of repair.

Once the Terran hands were a stong chapter of prowess, but when most of the chapter was intercepted by some dark eldar trickery, pulling the entire chapter into a terrible warp storm that left only about 200 marines which were all contained on the flagship of the chapter 'Awesome Terra', after this attack the flagship was blasted out of the warp above a planet called XX3II8-911-XX* or Magma Imperialis, Here fought the Dark Inferno Salamanders.

Dark Inferno Salamanders: This specialist company was left sor dead fighting in a continent sized volcano against a warp worshiping fire spirit army, by the time the Terran Hands arrived the 300 strong company had barely 70 men left and almost all were injured. The Terran Hands had no choice but to help the Salamanders and by the time the fire spirits were defeated the company numbered about 100 men so when a very tiny detatchment of lost Silver Skulls joined them they welcomed it like water to parched lips.

On the subject of what these Salamanders are, they are just normal sallies but all highly experienced veterans, each sergeant is worthy of being a command squader and each marine has had around 300 years of experience, even the scouts have fought of decades on end.

Silver skulls : just normal Silver skulls.

Hole force2: Now all these guys fight together trying to hunt down remenants of chapters and kill Dark elves.

Hope you enjoyed this fluff.

Thanks for reading,


Sunday, 13 September 2009

Fluff: Your own Space marine (any varient including chaos) chapter.

Hi guys, today I have something for everyone one to talk about. It is fluff for a marine chapter (could be a chapter you've made could just be an idea) it can be any varient including chaos.

Just write something as simple as:

Terran Hands: Succesors of both imperial fists and ultramarines (gene seed mixed), chapter almost lost and has united with a small part of the Salamanders and Silver skulls. Love Land raiders but have only 3 so employ other chapters as much as possible. Favour a tactical view on the battle field but each is very brave.

So comment in your chapter/ legion you can put in as much effort as you want, the reason I am doing this is to see just how many DIY chapters there are out there so please send in your fluff.

Thanks for reading,


Saturday, 12 September 2009

Reviews: Gamers World 1 year review.

Hi guys, I can't belive I am celebrating my first year (roughly) already and my 150th post (double celebration), I have had about 6500 hits which I am very proud of considering when I started I might get 2 hits a day if i was lucky. Now I get about 50 hits if I put up a post. I think I have improved a lot over this year, here is a list:

1) learned how to take propper pics of minis.
2) Got better at painting (ie. Learned how to highlight etc)
3) Have got cleaner at painting

and thats just the painting things I have had great year and this blog has really helped me. I mean I have had my ups and downs and I have had my breaks from blogging but all in all I have really enjoyed doing this.

I wopuld still like to improve on some things like giving out more tutorials etc but really, I can do that.

Now normaly people say what is to come in the next year but frankly I really don't know for me, I mean I may start a new army i may do some different things with this blog but that all depends on this blog. Not to long ago I would not know what I was going to blog about before I sat down at my computer, now I plan posts and create them before I post them but still I might sit down on a Saturday and think something up to blog about.

Overall I have loved doing this and will continue over the following year hopefully growing bigger and better.

If you have enjoyed this year with me then please let me know and I f you have anything to say on improving this blog then now is your chance, I won't get offended because if somethings wrong I would like to fix it.

P.S. Please enter the contest for naming my rhinos, the link is above in the whats new box and if you would like to then join the Common Posters (commenters) Blogger Group linked to on the side bar.

Thanks for reading and good night.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Discussions: Gw or any company?

Hi, sorry that this Wednesday discussion is late and that I have not posted in a few days but it has been a hectic week as I have been starting High School. Anyhow (anyway?) here is this weeks disscussion:
Do you only buy from Games Workshop or will you buy from any supplier. Now I don't mean that you buy a games workshop product from another store but I mean buying from a different company and using then for warhammer/40k, I know some companies but also tell us about companies you have found and would like to advertise. now for my view:
I only buy Games Workshop minitures because thats what I can get, I mean i like them and I want to support my local GW+ I find it a hassel to buy online however. I am not afraid to buy things like glue, scenery etc from other places because some of the GW stuff is a rip off! I mean I am hopefully going to get a winsor and newton brush and give it a review. But hey thats just my view, whats yours.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Notes: Things to come, tutorials and more.

Hi, just a quick post today. It's an update on things to come.

Tutorials: None of you hav come up with any ideas yet for tutorials I could do but I have thought of a couple:

1) How to paint dark skin

2) How to paint blood.

3) 3D blood (as in blood dripping ffom a sword) tutorial.

Please let me know whether you preffer painting tutorials or converting etc. If you don't mind then tell me that aswell.

My stuff: at the momment I am pushing on giving you info and things I have found. the thing I am trying to keep on doing is what I started this blog for. To show you my stuff. Just to let you know that my stuff will still be a part of this blog.

The last thing i have to say is that I am still trying to post every day. I hope you like it.

Thanks for reading,

Jacob out

Monday, 7 September 2009

Ideas: A new group that will be called the Common Posters Blogger Group

Now, I know that lots of people have put up posts about commenting more often etc. Now, I completely understand but still I find myself just thinking cool and carrying on through my blogroll. People don't comment all that much because it takes too long and they don't need to comment.

Because I wasn't getting any comments I increased how often I post to daily. Now I really enjoy doing this but it would be nice to see a comment or two on each post but in the last ten posts or so I have only got 3 or three comments (excluding my own). So, in my discussions there has been no discussion etc. Now the thing is how ever many posts I read on commenting it is still hard to comment because I don't feel all that compelled to comment. I mean Ron must get thousands of visits but he might only get 10 comments or maybe even 5 on each post. I am a much smaller blog so my comment/post ratio is comparatively smaller. So I propose we make a small group. Nothing special, we don't even need a logo all that is required is that you post up the following section of text in a text box somewhere on your blog:

I am a member of the Common Posters Blogger Group and will try my hardest to comment on at least 1 in every 5 posts I read.

There simple as that. You post that up somewhere on your blog and try to carry out what it says. try and comment on at least 1 in 5 posts that you read.

If you like the idea or are joining then feel free to comment on this post with your blog details so I can add your blog to my blogroll and know that some people have joined.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

WoC: BsB on Palanquin of Nurgle conversion

Hi guys, just thought I'd do a bit of a project update. These pics are of my new BsB this conversion has been in the works for ages now but has finally been completed. It's not amazing paint but it's useable. The BsB is still a bit WIP but he is alright anyway, on with the pics:

The whole thing.

The front of the palanquin

More pics.

And more

I hope you like him and thanks for reading.
Jacob out.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Competitions: Name my Salamander Rhinos.

Hi, this time I will be hosting my first competition. Now this one has no prize exept for bragging writess of course.

The competition: Look at the photos below and try to come up with a name for either rhino 1 or rhino 2. Once you have come up with a name you then comment on this post with your entry, in a few weeks time (date to be decided) I will choose a winner for each rhino and their chosen name will be painted onto it.

Rules: You may enter as many names as you like, the winner will be chosen by me and will be the name I like the most. Now I have thought of one name that has already been used a lot but may give you and idea, it is Fire Drake. Any way, on with the pics.

Rhino 1)

Rhino 2)

Please enter because it's free. Thanks for reading,

Jacob out.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Reviews: The good (but not the bad or the ugly) podcasts.

Hi guys, just thought I'd do a bit of a review on my favorite podcasts. I will put them in order of my favorite to my least but even my least is still really good. So give em a listen.

1. Heelan hammer: Quite a new podcast really, but my very favorite. It's about fantasy and they are very knowledgeable and have really, really good sound. If you like them then their premium content section is worth the £10. love em, check them out.

2. Worlds End Radio : Cover loads of different things with a slight focus on blood bowl. really good guys and a great podcast. Even if your not into fantasy/bloodbowl/LoTR then have a listen and you will have a good time.

3. Bad dice and 40K Radio (both just as good) Bad dice: Great fantasy podcast, really good blokes the Bens' are. Both spectacular players.
40k Radio: Funny, clever and drunken 40k, a great podcast and one any 40k fan should listen to.

4. D6 Generation: Cover board gaming and role play and all sorts of others. brilliant. i tell you i'm not into that stuff but these guys are just amazing I would recoment this to anyone.

5. Here be Gamers: Kind of a mini D6G, cover a wider variety of games, roleplay and anything else that pops up into thir head's. Awsome.

6.waaagh cast and miscast podcast: Both great fantasy podcasts. All very good. there not all that special but they are a great listen for any Fantasy fan.

7. 3 die block: Awesome boodbowl cast.

8. Podhammer: Take with a pinch of salt. A good fantasy podcast but can go a bit off topic sometimes, give it a listen. you'll know what i mean.

Podcasts I'd like to listen to: Tackle zone radio: Dunno yet.

All in all, thanks for reading.

Jacob out.
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