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Monday, 14 September 2009

Fluff: My force (space marines).

HI, this post is in answer to a comment on a previous post asking me to post up my fluff for my marine force. So here it is:

The whole force 1: My force is a compilation of forces from different chapters. There is most of the Terran Hands force, the remnants of a Salamander specialist company called 'The Dark Inferno' and a very small detachment of silver skulls that was found by the battle force.

Terran Hands: the Terran Hands are succesors of the Ultramarine and Imperial Fists, when making the chapter the gene seed of the two primarchs was mixed creating a special breed of space maine. My chapter is not pompous like Ultramarines but are extremely hardend fighters that will never break, though they do have high tactical acumen and may 'tactically withdraw' if the situation commands it. The Terran Hands adore Land Raiders but are only in posation of 3, all of which remain permanatly on the battle barge because there is only 10 tech marines between my entire battle force and all of the LR are in a terrible state of repair.

Once the Terran hands were a stong chapter of prowess, but when most of the chapter was intercepted by some dark eldar trickery, pulling the entire chapter into a terrible warp storm that left only about 200 marines which were all contained on the flagship of the chapter 'Awesome Terra', after this attack the flagship was blasted out of the warp above a planet called XX3II8-911-XX* or Magma Imperialis, Here fought the Dark Inferno Salamanders.

Dark Inferno Salamanders: This specialist company was left sor dead fighting in a continent sized volcano against a warp worshiping fire spirit army, by the time the Terran Hands arrived the 300 strong company had barely 70 men left and almost all were injured. The Terran Hands had no choice but to help the Salamanders and by the time the fire spirits were defeated the company numbered about 100 men so when a very tiny detatchment of lost Silver Skulls joined them they welcomed it like water to parched lips.

On the subject of what these Salamanders are, they are just normal sallies but all highly experienced veterans, each sergeant is worthy of being a command squader and each marine has had around 300 years of experience, even the scouts have fought of decades on end.

Silver skulls : just normal Silver skulls.

Hole force2: Now all these guys fight together trying to hunt down remenants of chapters and kill Dark elves.

Hope you enjoyed this fluff.

Thanks for reading,

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