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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Discussions: Converting characters. Always or never?

He's not converted but still looks good.
Right, this time I will be starting a discussion on whether to convert your characters or not. From now on these discussions will be weekly and will be on Wednesdays.

First I would like to make some thing clear, I convert a lot of my characters to enhance them or to change them into something else. If you theme your force and want to convert all your characters or if you want you character to actually be a different thing to what ihe/she is, then that's fine. What I'm talking about is when you go to the shop and get say, a saurus hero (that you do not have a duplicate of because then you may want to do this) and change his stance just cause you can. i am not on any one side, I am just stating the discussion.

For always converting: It makes your models stand out from the crowd, it makes them yours. You can use it to make it fit better into a unit (looks wise), and you can actually make him fit into the unit phsically.

Against always converting: if the modeler has put thought into the pose of the miniture and it looks good then why change it: it kind of puts down the modeler, you have the chance of messing the model up, it takes more time and really and it might look better the way it is.

My view: I often convert my characters slightly. Like with my nurgle magicians: HERE There are only minor conversions to make the look more interesting as they are static, and also so you can tell them apart. Or with my new BSB (must get up some pics of him). I like doing that and I am trying to improve my converting so more drastic things may come but hey I want your views so, comment away.

Jacob out.
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