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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Notes: Painting a friends Ogre pt 1.

Hi, today I want to talk about what I have been doing recently, now pics may appear in the future but I am not at home so I can't take any at the moment. So on with what I am doing:

I have been painting a friends Ogre, him and me came up with a colour scheme for his models and I said I would paint this one because I had all the paints. Now, my friend is not a very good painter and all his models have multiple colour schemes on just painted over each other. These Ogres look terrible because he did not spray or base coat instead he just threw 1 layer of elf flesh on them. So now I am going to help him by finding him a quick and easy colour scheme that he can achive easily. Here it is, remember I am only working on the skin here:

1) spary white
2) paint Tallarn flesh (1-2 layers)
3) Wash heavily with Devlan mud,
4) Paint some blue/red markings/tattoes.

Now I know that there is no highlight but it will look ok and he could well mess up high lights. Please give him some help by comenting when I put the pics up.
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