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Friday, 4 September 2009

Reviews: The good (but not the bad or the ugly) podcasts.

Hi guys, just thought I'd do a bit of a review on my favorite podcasts. I will put them in order of my favorite to my least but even my least is still really good. So give em a listen.

1. Heelan hammer: Quite a new podcast really, but my very favorite. It's about fantasy and they are very knowledgeable and have really, really good sound. If you like them then their premium content section is worth the £10. love em, check them out.

2. Worlds End Radio : Cover loads of different things with a slight focus on blood bowl. really good guys and a great podcast. Even if your not into fantasy/bloodbowl/LoTR then have a listen and you will have a good time.

3. Bad dice and 40K Radio (both just as good) Bad dice: Great fantasy podcast, really good blokes the Bens' are. Both spectacular players.
40k Radio: Funny, clever and drunken 40k, a great podcast and one any 40k fan should listen to.

4. D6 Generation: Cover board gaming and role play and all sorts of others. brilliant. i tell you i'm not into that stuff but these guys are just amazing I would recoment this to anyone.

5. Here be Gamers: Kind of a mini D6G, cover a wider variety of games, roleplay and anything else that pops up into thir head's. Awsome.

6.waaagh cast and miscast podcast: Both great fantasy podcasts. All very good. there not all that special but they are a great listen for any Fantasy fan.

7. 3 die block: Awesome boodbowl cast.

8. Podhammer: Take with a pinch of salt. A good fantasy podcast but can go a bit off topic sometimes, give it a listen. you'll know what i mean.

Podcasts I'd like to listen to: Tackle zone radio: Dunno yet.

All in all, thanks for reading.

Jacob out.
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