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Friday, 18 September 2009

Notes: Things to come.

Hi guys, just a quickie today her is what is coming up:

1. I have got the pics for both the blood and 3d blood tutorial and just need to load them up.

2. The landspeeders need to have some more work done before another project update but they are coming soon. Same goes for the nights.
3. I should be getting a game in today, I will tell you how it goes.
4. The how to on dark skin will have to wait a while because I have run out of models and I have not sprayed the models I want to paint.
5. Full army pics are on the way.
Thanks for reading, sorry this was only a quickie. I am afraid to say that no one has joined the common bloggers group, there is a link in the side bar to where you can very easily join,
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