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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Competitions: Name my Salamander Rhinos.

Hi, this time I will be hosting my first competition. Now this one has no prize exept for bragging writess of course.

The competition: Look at the photos below and try to come up with a name for either rhino 1 or rhino 2. Once you have come up with a name you then comment on this post with your entry, in a few weeks time (date to be decided) I will choose a winner for each rhino and their chosen name will be painted onto it.

Rules: You may enter as many names as you like, the winner will be chosen by me and will be the name I like the most. Now I have thought of one name that has already been used a lot but may give you and idea, it is Fire Drake. Any way, on with the pics.

Rhino 1)

Rhino 2)

Please enter because it's free. Thanks for reading,

Jacob out.

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