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Friday, 11 September 2009

Discussions: Gw or any company?

Hi, sorry that this Wednesday discussion is late and that I have not posted in a few days but it has been a hectic week as I have been starting High School. Anyhow (anyway?) here is this weeks disscussion:
Do you only buy from Games Workshop or will you buy from any supplier. Now I don't mean that you buy a games workshop product from another store but I mean buying from a different company and using then for warhammer/40k, I know some companies but also tell us about companies you have found and would like to advertise. now for my view:
I only buy Games Workshop minitures because thats what I can get, I mean i like them and I want to support my local GW+ I find it a hassel to buy online however. I am not afraid to buy things like glue, scenery etc from other places because some of the GW stuff is a rip off! I mean I am hopefully going to get a winsor and newton brush and give it a review. But hey thats just my view, whats yours.
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