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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Discussions: 2, let them do it or just say no?

Hi, today's discussion will be about letting people do things they forgot about or telling them life is tough.

I mean if somebody moves his entire army apart from one little unit right at the back then goes onto the shooting phase and fires with two units then would you let him move the ineffective little unit he forgot about. Probably yes, but what if that was his main shooting unit and it made the difference between them being in range or not. Or what if it was the JAWS OF THE WOLF LORD idiot psychic power dude (sorry that is another rant) that made the line reach your commander if he moves him. Now I know that you would probably let someone do it if they remembered it in like the next phase but I also know that I would not let someone change anything if it was two turns on.

This also depends on whether you are playing competitively or not, here is what I do for each level o competitiveness.

basement game: let them do what they like as long as they have that attitude.
store game: let them take most things back unless a) they are playing competitively or b) they are being stupid.
tourney lower level: kind of goes back to store game but sometimes a bit more relaxed.
tourney middle: very competitive because you all playing for the high spots.
tourney top: I have never been here but from info that I have gathered sometimes you can be a bit more relaxed if you know the bloke, I mean if your both this good then you both will probably know that he was going to charge with that unit so you can let him off quite a bit.

But hey, thats my view, please leve a comment and tell us what you think.

Thanks for reading,

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