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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Polls: What you would like to see more of closed.

Hi, the other day my poll on what you would like to see more of closed, here are the results:

"More tutorials. 16 (76%)

Big projects. 9 (42%)

More interesting armies. 5 (23%)

More news. 1 (4%)

More reports on things like Gamesday. 1 (4%)

More cool tidbits of info. 13 (61%)

Votes so far: 21"

Now as you can see, people like my tutorials. I have quite a few more planned to satisfy desires. Another big winner was cool tidbits which I am trying to sort out, I know that I meant stuff like the fact that the third letter of the Jewish alphabet is kislev. Let me know what you think it means though. Hopefully I can find a big project for me to work on and I have an interesting plan for my next army. More news and reports was never going to be my big thing but I will be putting up a review of this games day from my point of view.

Thanks for reading and I hope your happy with the results. If you have a opinion or have something else you would like me to do then please comment.

Thanks for reading,

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