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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Reviews: Gamers World 1 year review.

Hi guys, I can't belive I am celebrating my first year (roughly) already and my 150th post (double celebration), I have had about 6500 hits which I am very proud of considering when I started I might get 2 hits a day if i was lucky. Now I get about 50 hits if I put up a post. I think I have improved a lot over this year, here is a list:

1) learned how to take propper pics of minis.
2) Got better at painting (ie. Learned how to highlight etc)
3) Have got cleaner at painting

and thats just the painting things I have had great year and this blog has really helped me. I mean I have had my ups and downs and I have had my breaks from blogging but all in all I have really enjoyed doing this.

I wopuld still like to improve on some things like giving out more tutorials etc but really, I can do that.

Now normaly people say what is to come in the next year but frankly I really don't know for me, I mean I may start a new army i may do some different things with this blog but that all depends on this blog. Not to long ago I would not know what I was going to blog about before I sat down at my computer, now I plan posts and create them before I post them but still I might sit down on a Saturday and think something up to blog about.

Overall I have loved doing this and will continue over the following year hopefully growing bigger and better.

If you have enjoyed this year with me then please let me know and I f you have anything to say on improving this blog then now is your chance, I won't get offended because if somethings wrong I would like to fix it.

P.S. Please enter the contest for naming my rhinos, the link is above in the whats new box and if you would like to then join the Common Posters (commenters) Blogger Group linked to on the side bar.

Thanks for reading and good night.
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