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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Discussions: 1, WYSIWYG vs count as.

So, from now on I will be numbering my weekly discussions and they will be on Thursdays rarther than Wednesdays because I am very busy on Wednesdays, todays discussion is about: WYSIWYG and count as.

Now, imagine you walk into a tourney and you come to a table and you see a mechanicum army using space marine rules, now technically he can use count as and he can just tell you what everything is but, is that WYSIWYG, the answear is no but if all of his half men half track dudes holding bolters were his tac marines and all the bit stablised robots that had las cannons were his devs then would you find that fine. At the momment all my armies are WYSIWIG exept one unit in my WOC army. That is my war shrine, GW don't make a model for it so I made my own but, it is supposed to be drawn by horsed and mine is drawn by wolves. All the people at my GW let me use it but would you, it isn't WYSIWYG but is is kind of count as. The same goes for counting cadians with snipers and ratlings. Would you let people use that, it makes the guardsman T2 and BS4 so should you let him use it. I don't know.

My view: I will generally let people use what they want and try to be a good sport, I am the guiy that you could play snipers as ratlings against, I mean I was played a it of a WOTR game where elves were being used to represent orcs. But I might not in a tourney. Al I can say is that I am happy to know that if I did a mechanicum army and used as marines then I could walk into my store and play with it.

So, where do you stand? How flexible are you, will you let people take guard allies for marines or any other mad stuff. Tell us what you would (have) done (do).

Thanks for reading,

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