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Thursday, 3 September 2009

White Dwarf: Monthly review: Issue 357

Hi, time for the first monthly review of white dwarf. The review will be once a month (DUH!).

This months issue is issue 357, it's main release is Space Hulk which I'm sure you have all heard about. if not then check out FTW.

First up is the new releases section apart from space hulk there is:

Iron hand stracken and gunnery sergeant harker out for £8 each. Looks good. there is also the long awaited Azhag on his wyvern model out. this looks really neat and I wish I could affford it cause it's £50. There is also dead and burned grass out now along with a new basing kit. Both look good and I migh end up getting some of that burned grass.
the blood slaughterer from forge world is also out and it looks huge.
2 new books out this month, Salamander and Empire. I think I will pick up salamander at games day and then give it a review. it looks really good and was spoken about by the author (Nick Kyme) On worlds end radio.
A metal eagle bitz pack is out aswell. Plus skaven is now confirmed to be out in November.

Next in line is the designers notes on space hulk, you can find reviews of the game all over the web but this actually gives you a good insight on the game and the motives behind it. No clue on why it's on limeted release though. Nice pics of the contents of the box including the floor pices. All the stuff is debossed giving it a nice detail. Then there is a bit of background on each of the space marines which is actually really good. Finally is more designers notes on the genestealers.

Now comes a really detailed mission report of one game of space hulk. Which the Spaceies win. It's actually a good report of the game and Jervis does a really good job explaining the game and pointing out tactics to the un-informed. the battle was close and you really gotthe feel of the tention the SM's are put under because of the 3 min timer.

The last bit on space hulk is an eavy metal masterclass in painting the power sword sergeant. A really cool thing was how the crux terminatus and the gold was painted. the white on the cloak was really good aswell because it was built up from cathalan brown through vomit the bleached bone then bleached bone and skull white then pure skull white.

The next part of the issue is called between a rok and a hard place which is the final part of the report started last month on a big planetary empiers campaign played in the studio. they gave quick reviews on the most exciting bits and we got pics Dave Andrews board that was actually an ork space ship that you could play on! Really great read. In amongst the report was a look at Andrew Kenrick's salllies army which consisted of: One or two dev squads, a load of tac marines, two dreads, a reedeemer, some termies and Vulkan. It may have more but thats all thats in the pics. the other army is the world eaters terminator company from Wade Pryce. Which was full of termies (of course), Angron, a lord, 2 daemon princes, a pred and 2 oblits. A really nice army and very well painted. You also got a mini battle report (like 4 pages long) which was of one of the climatic apoc battles.

After that section was double trouble which was a report of a doubles touny that a load of guys from the studio went to. It was a good fun read and I really enjoyed it. It was full of mini reviews of games. Andy Hall (who wrote the report) and Robert Purser's list was:

Warrior priest, two handed hammer, light armour, barded warhorse, icon of magnus.
Lvl 1 battle wizard, 2xscrolls
High elf nobel, gret eagle, dragon armour, lance, reaver bow, enchanted shield.
10 handgunners
10 handgunners
9 knights, preceptor, standard
10 sea guard
great cannon
5 dragon princes, standard, lion standard
1 lion chariot
bolt thrower.

Andrew kenrick and Glen More's list was:
Exalted hero, khorne, jugger, biting blade
warlock engineer, warp blades, energy condenser, warp power, accumulator, scroll
warlock engineer, as before but without storm daemon
5 chaos knights, FC, Tzeentch, blasted standard
5 Marauder horse, throwing spears
5 marauder horse, throwing spears
18 marauders, shields, light armour, standard, musician
24 clan rats, FC, spears
10 night runners, slings
5 gutter runners, poisoned weps
5 jezzails
warp lightning cannon.
Overall this section was good and I hope to see more tourny reps in the future.

Next up was heroes of the catachan which gave you a bit of background on stracken and harker plus a rubbish tactica basically telling you there rules then stating the obvious. I won't go into detail because I have told you most of it already.

Next was a little section giving you abit of background on Azhag and telling you his rules.

Now for the battle report. Which, for this month, was not fudged! It was between Ben Curry and Ben Johnson from Bad Dice and it was in the style of a tournament game. You could tell it was either very well fudged (I.E. you didn't notice) or it was for real. I am going to choose to belive it was real as I don't think Ben and Ben woul let themselves to drawn into the fudging. All in all it was a great game between Dark Elves and Orcs and Gobbos (not with azhag which also helps me to belive there was no fudging). The whole game was tight and action packed with people making mistakes and bad things happening. In the end it was just a great game.

Now for my favorite article, Standard Bearer. This months article was about scenarios and was really good. I like scenarios and have played a few. Also this month there was the first in a series of battlefield challenges, this months was for fantasy though there will be some for other game systems. It was called forced march. I won't tell you how it worked unless people want me to. if you do then please comment.

Next was the hobby essentials where we have new brass leaves and a new basing kit (mentioned before).

Now, in this issue instead of painting masters we had army masters in the form James Karch's Ultramarines,I must say the whole army looks beautyful and every model is converted in one way or another. Even if it is putting knee pads on the scouts to match Telion or converting all the bolter magazines on the tac marines.

Last we have the floor plan of games day and a quick review of what will happen.

Next month is Space Wolves and I for one am looking forward to it.

In conclusion i am looking forward to White Dwarf more and more and this issue was great, I am seriously saying that you might want to pick this one up.

Thanks for reading,

Jacob out.
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