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Friday, 18 September 2009

WoC: The dreaded knights of chaos have been started.

Ok, so i built and sprayed these dudes when I first started WoC and since then the first guy in the painting line has been WIP, now he is close to finished but not quite. However there have been some other changes to the models, on with the pics:

The whole squad.

As you can see I have shortened the lances to make them more like glaives (basically a sword on a pole). this allows me to count them as the much more effective enchanted weapons.

Another guy

And the guy that is very occasionly my champion.

Next is the pic of my WIP painted guy.

And again

and again.

and again.

Then finally there is my musician.

I hope you enjoyed this little project update, if you have any questions, comments or critisisms then please comment away.

Thanks for reading,


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