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Monday 7 September 2009

Ideas: A new group that will be called the Common Posters Blogger Group

Now, I know that lots of people have put up posts about commenting more often etc. Now, I completely understand but still I find myself just thinking cool and carrying on through my blogroll. People don't comment all that much because it takes too long and they don't need to comment.

Because I wasn't getting any comments I increased how often I post to daily. Now I really enjoy doing this but it would be nice to see a comment or two on each post but in the last ten posts or so I have only got 3 or three comments (excluding my own). So, in my discussions there has been no discussion etc. Now the thing is how ever many posts I read on commenting it is still hard to comment because I don't feel all that compelled to comment. I mean Ron must get thousands of visits but he might only get 10 comments or maybe even 5 on each post. I am a much smaller blog so my comment/post ratio is comparatively smaller. So I propose we make a small group. Nothing special, we don't even need a logo all that is required is that you post up the following section of text in a text box somewhere on your blog:

I am a member of the Common Posters Blogger Group and will try my hardest to comment on at least 1 in every 5 posts I read.

There simple as that. You post that up somewhere on your blog and try to carry out what it says. try and comment on at least 1 in 5 posts that you read.

If you like the idea or are joining then feel free to comment on this post with your blog details so I can add your blog to my blogroll and know that some people have joined.
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