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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Painting: LOADS done on Space Wolves (pics included).

Hi, just thought I'd share my most recent updates with the wolves.Here we go:

It's hard to see I know but these guys have been painted shadow grey then had a heavy wash of devlan mud

Here are the other 5.

Now here's some progress. the armour has been reestablished with shadow grey except for the recesses. Most of the yellow base coat for gold has been done. both shoulder pads have received their base coats and the face and base coat of the hair are started.

A closer look.

The other blood claws.

A closer look at some wolf pelts. oh yea, they have been started too.

The wolf guard. Now, his armor was never reestablished because of the amount of wear and tear it would have, He has also had a load of work done.

A look at his back.

And finally a nice clear close up.

I hope you like them and please tell me if you don't. More work has been done since, pics to come. thanks for reading,


Friday, 30 October 2009

The Soap Box: Mr.Esty (2nd post today so look at the one below which is a book review).

Jacob: Here is Mr.Esty with his post for my blog. Please visit his blog using the link near the end of the post.

Sorry I couldn't get the pic to go on my blog, see here for pics.

Mr Esty: Sorry for the rubbish picture (I'm still trying to find a good way to light these for macro photography). Still have a loooooong way to go on these painting-wise. My hobby budget is pretty tight at the moment, and I don't have many colours to choose from, so I may just put a call in to my friendly local game store to see if I can dip my brush into some of their pots to finish these off before Halloween.

I'm a cartoonist by day, so I often have more art supplies than I realize. The bad news is that the pastels I used to have (and never used) and was thinking of using for weathering powders seem to have been given away or lost. The good news is I apparently have a tone of oil paints & thinners. We'll see if I can put those to use on some tanks or something later on down the line.

Jacob: See his blog here

Thanks for reading!

Reviews: Space wolf book four, WOLF BLADE.

Hi, just thought I would try a book review today. I have recently finished Wolf Blade so thought I would do that, here goes:

The entire series is about Ragnar Blackmane as a new recruit, through blood claw then wolf blade. I have not read the 1st 3 but have read the fourth which starts a couple of yrs after the 3rd. Basically Ragnar gets exiled to the wolf blade for 'losing' the spear of Russ. he was actually trying to stop magnus the red. Anyway. the wolf blade is a small selection of space wolves that guard the navigator house belisarius in return for navigators. When hes is sent to Terra to join the wolf blade a navigator lady who has been spending time on fenris goes with him. On the journey he is made to protect her. On the way she is attacked by a poisonous robotic spider that Ragnar saves her from.

On Terra Ragnar is met by Torrin who is a rather eccentric space wolf who loves finesse etc. he takes him to his chambers and shows him around. the other main character is Haegr who is massive and the only space wolf you could call fat. He is 'honorable' and incredibly strong and a great fighter.

The whole plot is about them protecting house belisarius from the brotherhood who hate mutants. They have to go into the catacombs beneath Terra on a mission to kill a load of the brotherhood and kill their psycher leader but get battered. Torrin is separated from them so Haegr (who is very hurt) and Ragnar have to find a medic in a little village. they get there and Haegr is fixed up a bit then an old man guides them to the elevator. they are chased by the brotherhood and there are some great fight scenes. When they can't get to the elevator they go to this comns station and find Torrin. While they wait for reinforcements they have to hold out against a mass of brotherhood.

Once they get out they have to protect the leader of house belisarius from a massive attack. In the end Ragnar kills a administartum assassin!!!

Throughout the story are a load of sub plots and Ragnar is trying to get his head around who (un)holy TERRA works. I haven't ruined the whole thing for you here and I think you should definitely read this book. I have to say that it was really enjoyable and I would recommend it to anybody.

Thanks for readimng guys and I hope that you liked this. Give me feed back on how I did and what I missed in a book review. If any of you have read WOLF BLADE then feel free to tell me what I have mised and I will keep it in mind for next time. thanks for reading,


Thursday, 29 October 2009

Discussions: No.7 How do you make good quality, interesting posts!

Hi, this weeks discussion is about how to make good quality, interesting posts. It's been a bit of a dilemma for me lately because I have been producing some posts that then get a good few comments but I don't generally get comments on my models and I don't get any entries to my competitions. I must have left a link to the naming of my salamander rhinos for a couple of moths and I didn't get 1 proper entry. My latest competition has no entries yet either. I have 30 odd followers but that number is not growing. I try to comment on other peoples blogs (generally not BoLS because my comment would get lost in the 60 others). So, my question o you is. What are your top tips to making good quality, interesting posts.

This is not just for my sake but for newer bloggers as well. Ron, if you don't mind I will publish the tips you gave me when I was starting. Please tell me whether that's OK with you!

EDIT: Here are the tips Ron gave me when I was just starting out. remember these were aimed specifically at me so they may not apply to you:

1. It will come together over time and you'll develop your own style and look.

2. Make sure to proofread everything you write. Sometimes mistakes will get through but you should minimize this as much as possible.

3. If you get something from someone else then make sure to say that. Don't ever take something and just post it on your site without giving credit to the original author or where you found it.

4. You will have a ton of work ahead of you. Your readers come to your site looking to see what you do, not see things like questions where you ask them what you should do. Polls are ok, but your readers wnat to hear about your projects, not your questions.

5.Watch your headlines, they should let the reader know what the article is about, things like, "THIS IS SO COOL!" doesn't tell your reader anything about what you're writing about and they probably won't keep reading. Try and sum up your post in one sentence and use that as a guide.

6. Pictures will almost always help. Make sure they are well lit and in focus. Fuzzy pictures are no good, leave those out.
Same thing with images, if you get them somewhere else, make sure to give the original person credit.

7. Pick a theme for your blog and stick with it. You will develop a bigger and more loyal reader base if you cover one thing well instead of 5 or 6 things part way. People want to know what to expect when they come to your blog. Are you about 40k or video games or board games?

8. Watch your Labels, like your headlines, they should describe what is in that group of articles. Things like COOL STUFF doesn't tell your reader anything and they have no reason to click on it then.

Anyway, the floor is yours. DISCUSS!!!
Thanks for reading,


Wednesday, 28 October 2009

FTW: My must have unit (something in terminator armor).

Hi, today I thought I'd post something for the newest FTW collaborative post on my must have unit. For me it's terminators. If possible I will always squeeze a unit in. Whether it be vanilla termies or wolf guard termies I don't care. There is something about those super men in terminator armor I just love. I don't mind what they are armed with. For my vanilla army they are regular termies but if I had the models I would probably normally take them as combat termies. In my wolf guard I don't know yet as I will be theming them around Ragnar Blackmane. Anyway that's my favourite unit, whats yours and what are your thougts on mine.

Thanks for reading,


Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Soap Box: New section! (your chance to talk).

Hi, The soap box is now up and runningand it needs you. When I was starting out I found that I would love to post on someone else's blog to get publicity for mine. Places like From The Warp get loads of views and if I got 1 post on their with a link to my blog I might get another couple of followers. now to some that ain't much but when your starting out, it's a lot. So, I thought I would start this section. What I want you to do is send me a post (I am talking to bloggers who are starting out but i would be honoured to have people like Devlin and Ron and Admiral Drax do this) where was I, oh yes. I want you to send me a post that you want putting up on my blog. It would be great if I got enough to do 1 a week. If I get more though you might have to share the soap box (don't worry it's big) and I'll do two in 1 post. the topic can be anything you choose as long as it is related to what my blog is about. Of course, feel free to link to your blog but don't make it just an advert as i will be reading your post and making sure it is suitable. To send me the post, just e-mail it too: that link is also on my left sidebar.

Please. Tell us what you think. if you have any questions either comment or e-mail me. Thanks for reading (an hopefully sending me a post),


Monday, 26 October 2009

Polls: Should I theme my weeks answers!

Hi, recently my poll on whether I should theme my weeks closed, here are the results:

Yes but keep the discussions different.
3 (42%)

Yes and theme the discussions with the week.
1 (14%)

only theme discussions.
1 (14%)

no theming.
2 (28%)

So that's 4 votes for theming and 3 votes for not and theme weeks but keep discussions different won. Because it was so close I have decided that sometimes I will theme my weeks and some times I will not. If I have a load of posts about 1 thing then that week will be themed about that 1 thing. On another note my space wolves are coming along nicely and pics will come soon.
Thanks for reading,

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Competitions: If you got it. Show it!

Hi, I thought that I would run a little competition just so i can see the results. Prize will be a) a link from my blog in a blog post b)bragging rights and c) i will put up a box near the top of my side bar saying competition winners and you will be the first on it. the competition is to paint 1 model for 40k fantasy or lord of the rings, submit up to 3 photos showing it off and send them to me. They will then be shown on this blog for the voting.

The model may be mounted on a cavalry/bike base, an up to 40mm round base or an up to 40mm square base. daemon princes etc are allowed but not tanks or steamtank/chariots. Be sensible with this. I want single figures. no dragons either the limit is a greater daemon and that's it!
The models may be shown work in progress in other places and shown finished in other places but it does not have to.
Be sensible. No swear words on the models.
The model must be finished and i would like them to be based. if you have not based the model then you may still enter but your chances to win will be reduced.

If you don't know whether your model is allowed then E-mail me at:

To sign up either reply to this post or e-mail me.

tell us if your interested, thanks for reading,


Saturday, 24 October 2009

Interviews: My mate Jack (awesome painted/based Tau guy, not much playing experience).

Hi, it's Jacob here. Today I will be interviewing my mate Jack. Before he met me and Stu he just painted and based, now he likes having a bit of a game, still doesn't enjoy it as much as painting though. He is the only one of us that bases his models and his Tau look awesome. he has:

A pirana
A devilfish
24 fire warriors
1 crisis xv8
3 stealth suits
12 kroot
8 drones

Now 0n to Jack's part:

My army has quite a few men but I haven't made them all yet. I need a few more tanks and a lot more men as a played a game against Stuart but I got wiped out in 2 turns. I want to get a hammerhead and a sky ray gun ship to dense my forces. One last thing, I also want to collect more kroot (krootox,greater knarloc,kroot hounds, kroot.) Please help me decide what to get next.


Well thanks for reading. We will be off interviews after this one for a while. Please help Jack with his Tau if you can! Thanks for reading,


Friday, 23 October 2009


Hi, today I thought I would do an interview with my mate Stu. He is the one I painted that Ogre for. He is trying to decide which army to collect and needs your help!!!!! Now, on with his talk:

Hi, my name is Stu, I am at school with Jacob, i have been collecting for almost 3 years and have been swapping between armies all the time. i don't get much cash throughout the year but i get a good chunk at birthday and Christmas (both are coming up in December). I already have a decent guard force and a smallish Ogre force (most of which I am selling). I also have 10 ork boys and 2 nobs. I am sick of my guard and of course I am selling my Ogres but I am interested in the following armies:


not orks



vampire counts

LoTR/WoTR orks.

In the army I am looking for: painting opportunities for my OK skill level, lots of different sorts of units, a playable but not necessarily excellent army and a very characterful army. i hope you can help me as I am as stuck as a dead cat in a washing machine.


So, that's what i need you to do guys. Help me mate, please, please, please, pppppppplllllllleeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssseeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I have put with this for 3 years.

Thanks for reading,


Thursday, 22 October 2009

Discussions: #6, Painting dilemmas.

Hi, this time i wanted to talk a little on painting dilemmas, or, more importantly, how much detail and time to put on a model. the above model is a prime example, do you do writing on the scroll or do you leave it blank. will you give the scroll bland or give it depth. Black armor is a big one as well as it is so tempting jsut to leave it solid black. on top of this there are a hundred other details on the chaplin that can be ignores, done dodgily or take up lots of time.
The thing you have to decide is whether or not you are going to spend a lot of time on the model. say it takes me 4 hours to paint 10 tac marines to my (in my opinion relatively high) standards. i can do a good boss in 2-4 hours as well. But, if I was painting marneus calgar or ragnar blackmane (hint hint) then I would spend far more time. That is my way though. i don't have deadlines other than providing material for my blog. So I spend lots of time on my minis. I f you are a commissioner then you may have to rush that characters details and do 2 stges on the cloak rarther than 4.
So, next time you are painting a mini. Just think, 'am I getting the best looking mini for my time and money'.
Discuss away guys. thanksfor reading,


Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Rambles: Stop dancing around and fight (40K light hearted ramble).

(If you didn't get it then I must tell you this is not serious).

Why, of why do we run around skipping and singing in our RHINOS that are meant to charge. You may as well call them Gypsy vans for all the rhino charging they do. Wave serpents and falcons are not much better. The falcon is a deadly predator but it must be pregnant and lazy for all the killing it does.

With the advent of 5th ed and full mechanisation in a lot of armies we have seen a lot less killing with men. Yes you still shoot with your lascannons and auto cannon teams but the majority of your force scoots about for the duration of the game then makes one little assault or grabs one objective. COME ON, take a leaf out of the khorne berzerkers book and CHARGE!!!

I mean I know it's a valid tactic if you want to win a tourney or something but in pick up games you need action to have fun. Come on people. Add 10 man assault marine units and some assault termies then back it up with deverstators. Overwhelm you opponents with the rapid fire of 30-40 marines.

Go with the fluff. If you go with the fluff that says you can sit back and fire then take objectives at the last moment then damn you, I hope you go to hell, have fun and CHAAAARRRRRGGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea that felt good. Come on. I know you want to win some times but agree with opponent to have a fighty game and attack them.

Because I think that there is A) not enough variety in our missions and B) a lack of scenarios at the moment. I am going to come up with some scenarios and additional missions so we can have some more variety. So, go from this:

To this:

Thanks for reading everyone, please tell us what you think. Remember this was light hearted banter and I did not mean to offend anyone. Thanks for reading,


Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Space Wolves/Games Day: (more painted on space wolves and chmap nearly done) A joint post to make up for yesterday.

Hi, sorry for not posting yesterday but things got a bit hectic. Because of that I am giving you a double bill today. The champ is nearly done now. Just a few minor details and the arms left to go. here are the pics:

As he stands I have done the metals, the skulls, the belt and more. have a look at him.

The smiley face has been fixed on the cloak and it has been muddied appropriately.

Another view.

Now for part 2. These four space wolves are now shadow grey.

Here is an in detail look at one of them.
Thanks for coming back and i am sorry for not posting yesterday. tell us what you think and contact me if I have made mistake. thanks for reading,

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Painting: Space wolves are now Fenris grey (with pics).

So, today i sat down and started to base coat my blood claws (and their wolf guard). After painting them black over the past week I have now painted all the armor in Fenris grey (boy does that paint separate fast, tutorial on how to fix separating coming soon). Anyway, on with the pics:

all of them. You can kind of make out the blueish grey.
Here is a better example though still hard to see.

and another

One last one.
Please tell us what you think and I hope you enjoyed the pics. what do you think of the every day post thing. Thanks for reading,

Saturday, 17 October 2009

GW: Went today and bought Space wolf paints

Hi, today i went out to the local GW (as well as ordering almost 100 quids worth of space wolves stuff from gifts for geeks) and i bought the paints for my wolves. Now, i bought:

1) Fenris grey
2) Space wolves grey
3) Shadow Grey.

Updates on my colour scheme are coming soon. Just wanted to tell ya what i was up to. thanks for reading,


Friday, 16 October 2009

Short stories: Valjeron 617th story (linked to)

So, a while ago I was going to collect and imperial guard army. then it became chaos guard then wolves. anyway, Iwrote some background for the regiment and did a short (at least 5 pages) story for you all to see. After a lot of faffing around I have finally found a way of showing it to you. follow the link below to read my story:

Please tell us what you think and whether it needs improving. If it's good enough i may send it off to the astro mag?. what do you think. thanks for reading,


Thursday, 15 October 2009

Discussions: #5, the troubles of blogging.

Hi, this week I decided to start a discussion on the troubles of blogging. I personally love blogging and do it for the community, but and this is a big but. It is a very big commitment.

I don't know about you but I spend a lot of time searching for different blogs. the amount of blogs that only have 1 post on them from 2 yrs ago is amazing. So now we know that it's a big commitment lets look at the sort of things that make it such a big commitment:

1) if you want to post regularly you have to plan (and sometimes) pre- write your posts. I personally try to write a few posts at the week-end so i am not struggling in the week.

2) if you are popular replying to comments can be hard.

3) You need to make your blog interesting without being complicated.

4) Actually doing stuff to post about can be hard.

So, know that i have set the scene for the discussion then comment away. Discuss. if you think I have missed anything then please tell me. thanks for reading,


Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Painting: Games day chaos champion.

So, recently I have been painting up my games day mini. It will be a gift to my soon to be opened school warhammer club. It will make a sweet leader to the small chaos force. the guy still has a bit of work to be done but here are the pics:

The armour was first a blue, then highlighted overly. Then i washed with reds browns and greens before a final black wash. this all gives it a lot of depth. the legs started off being blended with blues but then i washed them to tie all the layers together. A lot of the other stuff wash many layers and some carefully thought out washes and stripes.
there has been an awful lot of work done on the back. especially the shield. that was painted. painted over again with watered down brown, then parts scratched down to the metal and built up to rust. this was complemented by some bolt gun metal around certain parts.

If you would like to hear more about any parts of the model then please contact me. please comment and tell me what you think and whether any improvements have to be made.
thanks for reading,

Monday, 12 October 2009

Space wolves: First 14 guys (now converted) pics.

Hi, just thought that i would give you the pics of the now converted guys. here they are:

Both of these long fangs (above and below) have been given some form of bionic arm. this was because I couldn't fins the real arm in my bits box. Also the guy below has a shortened (slightly) lascannon because the end was broken.

Below is plasma cannon dev 1, he has extended shoulder pads. Tell us what you think.

Now for the 'knight' of the blood claw pack. I think i may have to give him an appropriate name (feel free to suggest any). All it is is a marauder a shield glues to his fist.

now for my favorite bits. the wolf pelts. here they are.

Basic conversion, just stick it on the guy.

This guy took a bit longer. First one pelt was glues round his waist, then another one was trimmed and stuck on slightly overlapping it. this gave a large cape thing effect.

This guys pelt was trimmed then stuck on high up on his back.
All of the pelts and shields were from a marauder kit that I had bits left over from. Please give us some feed back on a) what you think of me collecting wolves and b) what you think of these guys. Anyway, thanks for reding,

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Tutorials: How I paint pt1, Rank and file.

Ok, so today I would like to talk a little bit about how i paint my basic troops. Now, my first stage is always to prime them black as that is my chosen spray. then I start with one of the foundation paints, using the salamander above as an example I use ork hide shad, though knarloc green would also work. then i follow up with a couple of layers of my main colours. So in the example above, snot green. now i highlight. Now generally i only do 1 or 2 highlights, if only one then I would hit the sallies with scorpion green on the edges. if 2 then mix scorpion green with snot green 1:1 then hit the highest parts with scorpion green. Now, you can leave it there for the main part but I do have a little trick. WASHES, here is the interesting part , on my sallies i could just use thraka green but as I want them dirty i use devlan mud normally. That's about it for the main armor. if your painting models with less block spaces then I treat each space a a block. So I would paint the cloth with a similar method then paint the top then the boots etc.
Now it is a case of picking out details etc etc. later in this series then we will talk about different parts of models.
Please tell me what you think and whether you like this series. Also vote on the poll in the side bar.
Thanks for reading,

Friday, 9 October 2009

Discussons: 4 Themed blogging weeks.

Sorry this is a day late and please view the post below as that is new to,

Hi, todays discussion is about something I may do in the future. recently I have been theming my weeks a bit. this week has been about space wolves and last week was about my games day (ok addmitedly we space wolf sprues last week and a video this week). Now my question is, would you like this to continue. I will put up a poll in the side bar.

Please either comment or vote, or both.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Space Wolves: my first set built.

Hi, today I am going to show you my new space wolf models (unconverted) here we go:

Plain old blood claws, all 6 of them
The three special blood claws, the flamer is taken from normal space marines and a wolf thing is stuck on.

Sorry the pic is on it's side but this is my wolf guard.

4 long fangs.
Now for these 14 men I used 4 running leg sets and the main parts of 4 marines. these were mixed into both squads though all of the long fangs apar from the legs and heads were regular guys.
Thanks for reading, I hoped you enjoyed it,

games day: A little late, but heres my pics (video format).

Hi, this is the video of my games day pics (or at least most of them) i thought i would do it in video form so as not to cover my blog with a ton of pics. So, tell us what ya think.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Space Wolves: Help with puppy fluff pt1.

Hi, at the moment I am trying to decide on some space wolf fluff but I am struggling to find background on each individual great company. Please can you help me by either commenting or commenting with a link to where I can find out. if you help then I will link to your blog in a thankyou post. So, I would like some back ground on each of the great companies and any other useful bits. tell me what i need to know. I have already found out about their organiseation and Leamn Russ but not much else.

Sorry it's only a short one.

Thanks for reading (and hopefully commenting),


Monday, 5 October 2009

Space Wolves: why I chose them.

Ok, so there has been a load of hype about how good the new wolves are. and quite frankly they are amazing. I just thought I'd share why I started them.

Because i am on suscription I got white dwarf early, I saw there were wolves on the over and imidiately loved them. I have always liked them but I loved them. this ws before I had seen the rules. All I knew was about jaws of the world wolf. So, at games day i go and buy a box of the delicious wolves. A few days ago I finished building them I made: 6 blood claws, 1 flamer blood claw, one plasma pistol blood claw, 1 power fist blood claw, 1 wolf guard with thunder hammer and storm shield and 4 long fangs (2 plasma cannons, 2 las cannons). Now, part way thrgh I saw the rules at my games workshop. i carried on with my plan for them, just made sure my squad was legal. I will be painting them as space wolves and using them as space wolves. yes I may built a competitive list but it will still be a list i like. I am also going to put a lot of effort into them and will have something I think looks cool.

Please give me some feedback (I want to star a bit of a discussion) thanks for reading,


Sunday, 4 October 2009

White Dwarf: White Dwarf 358 review + What I'm going to collect.

So, it's time for this month's white dwarf (Space Wolves) review. But first I have a small piece of news. It is that I will not be collecting chaos guard as hinted previously but instead I will be collecting space wolves. Anyway along with the review.

Editorial: This is just the editor rambling on about Space wolves and how cool they are. Not that interesting.

Whats in this issue: Designers notes, whats new in war of the ring, the first part of a gondor v easterling campaign, Special characters in Warhammer, al look at the new kits, eavy metal masterclass- wolf guard, a terrain show case, new stuff, news, three ways to use modeling snow, standard bearer, hall of fame, frontline, a battle report.

New release: the Space wolf codex, the space wolf box (can make blood caws, grey hunters or wolf guard in power armor, the spare bits can help you make any other unit in the codex), the wolf guard terminators, the battle force (is only £50 and contains a drop pod, 5 scuts, 20 space wolves), canis wolf born (a guy on a massive wolf), njal stormcaller, lukas the trickster (new guy, so cool), the new mega paint set, the golden king of harad, harad abrakhan guard, harad commanders, easterling commanders, black guard of barad dur commanders, black guard of barad-dur, kardush the fire caller, the knight of umbar, the betrayer. From the black library we have shamanslayer, space wolf the second omnibus and cadian blood. Forge world has the vendetta and vulture kit.

In news we have: Warhammer online call to arms advert (new expansion to do with khemiri), Space Marine on x box, Rouge trader the role play game. We gave the retro space wolves bits pack.

In company of wolves: This is the designers notes on the space wolves. First it describes the new backround and changes in the codex. It talks about the saga system and many other interesting things. Mixed i with all this are details on space wolf packs, Canis wolfborn, the great comanies, wolf guard termies, Dom murries space wolves( which are very well converted), characters (space wolves can take 4), scouts, sky claws (jump pack marines). After that is an army list called the saga of sven ironfist. It's supposed to be a typical army but we will see. Her it is:

Sven ironfist, wolf guard battle leader, terminator armour, saga of the beast slayer
Burek long tooth, rune priest, plasma pistol, melta bombs
5 wolf scouts, melta gun, plasma pistol
wolf guard pack
jurgen snowblight, term armour, chain fist, storm bolter
lars gristlefang, term armour thunder hammer and storm shield,
olf ironbrow, term armour 2 wolf claws
erik treefeller, term armour, power fist, assault cannon.
gamelias darkmane, term armor, pwr fist, storm bolter.
skjold nightwolf, term armour, pwr fist, storm bolter.
rikard frotfist, term armor, chain fist, hvy flamer.
vilhelm lavason, term armour 2 wolf claws.
leif far-traveled, pwr armour, thunder hammer, storm shield.
Olaf te breaker, pwr armour, fost axe and bolt pistol
5 blood claws, lukas the trickster, pwr weapon
5 blood claws, led by skjod nightwolf.
5 blood claws, led by gamelias darkmane
razorback, twin linked lascannon
9 grey hunters, flamer, pwr fist, wolf standard, led by rikard frostfist.
fast attack
3 swift claws, flamer, plasma pistol, attack bike with multi melta.
Hvy Support
LR crusader
multi melta
Vindicator, siege shield.
total: 2000 pts.

Next is a painting space wolves tutorial. Looks very good actually

Adverts for space wolves/marines

Next up, legions of the eye, this is the designers notes on the new WOTR minis. Looks quite good and a nice read.

Bood and Sand: This is the campaign between gondor and harad. It's a cool looking campagn and the scenari packs are interesting with a mix of WOTR and LOTR. Also ther are pics of some of the armies.

Mighty heroes mighty deads: This is an editorial on heroes in warhammer and how special characters can change your army. Should be a good read for 40k players too. Some nice armies are in there as well.

Now for the battle report: This month it is called: the wrath of the storm caller. this sweet battle report is about chaos v space wolves. the game is 3 objectives, pitched battle. here are the armies, (the chaos were allowed 4 HQ's for a bit more fun:

The Dark Tetragon:
blood thirster, unholy might
Great unclean one, cloud of flies
lord of change, we are legion
keeper of secrets, pavane of slaanesh

beast of nurgle
fiend of slaanesh
bloodcrusher of khorne
10 blood letters fury of khorne, icon and instrument
10 plaugebearers, icon and nstrument
10 pink horrors, bolt of tzeentch
10 daemonettes, transfixing gaze, icon and instrument
Fast attack
3 screamers
hvy support
soul grinder, phlegm

Howling mad:

Njal stormcaller, runic armour
ulrik the slayer
svengril drakesbane, rune priest, plasma pistol and saga of the beast slayer
canis wolfborn
6 wolf guard no.1 with term armour, pwr weapon and storm bolter, no.2 with term armor thunder hammer and storm shield, no.3 with term armor, twin wolf claws, no.4 term armor, chain fist and storm bolter, no.5 term armor, pwr weapon, storm bolter, no.6term armor, pwr fist, cyclone missile launcher.
Lone wolf haarkon, term armor, twin wolf claws.
Father jorn, dreadnaught, assault cannon, pwr fist, hvy flamer.
10 grey hunters, 2 plasma guns, power fist and wolf standard.
15 blood claws, plasma gun and pwr weapon.
fast attack
5 man sky claw pack, pwr fist, melta gun, plasma pistol.
hvy support
6 long fangs, 2 hvy bolters, missile launcher, plasma cannon and las cannon.

The battle was really good. i won't spoil it for you this time though. But basically the four space wolf heroes clashed with some form of daemons each. It was really cool to see some of them in action. tell me if you want more information.

Hobby essentials: This month there are some great tips on how to use modelling snow. 1 is basing, 2 is mixing with paint water and water effets to create wet looking mud and 3 is used on water for froth.

adverts on tools of the trade.

Standard bearer: Jervis talks about how fun painting nights are and how to organise them. Good fun as usual.

Super interchangeble space wolves: A look at the space wolf sprues, nicely laid out as usual. then ther is an atricle on converting and kit bashing the space wolves. It really shows you how to get milege out of the sprues. then they do the same to tanks.

Now comes the hall of fame: this month Dave Thomas chooses GUI LE GROS, here is a pic:As you can see it is a nice mini. Dave says he loves it for it's simplicity and character. As well as it's little details. Look on google images for more details. Dave also like Gui's friends Hugo le petit and bertrand the brigand but likes Gui most. Michel 9the sculptor) was very supprised as he had almost forgotten the mini and sculpted him in a very short time. he says the barrel took ages.

Eavy metal masterclass, wolf guard: here is a really good tutorial on how to paint wolf guard or as in this issue, lukas the trickster. lots of good tips here and quite a simple way to paint power armour. in fact, most of the tecniques are simple and only have 3 stages. Bubonic brown was the base for the yellow! really nice stuff.

Master modelers: this is an article all about the amazing terrain the studio has. It's got some great tips in and all of it looks really good. Nice to see some more terrain tutorials.

and that's about it. Skaven next month.

Thanks for reading everyone, please leave a review and tell me if you want something in more detail. Hope you enjoyed it.

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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Games day: pt 3, The rest of my stuff.

Hi, this is the rest of my stuff from Games Day. I built the chaos champ for a 'competition' then took him home rarther that entering. At the end when they were packing away I took some extra gubbins aswell, along with the pics:

My champ.

and again

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