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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Interviews: My mate Jack (awesome painted/based Tau guy, not much playing experience).

Hi, it's Jacob here. Today I will be interviewing my mate Jack. Before he met me and Stu he just painted and based, now he likes having a bit of a game, still doesn't enjoy it as much as painting though. He is the only one of us that bases his models and his Tau look awesome. he has:

A pirana
A devilfish
24 fire warriors
1 crisis xv8
3 stealth suits
12 kroot
8 drones

Now 0n to Jack's part:

My army has quite a few men but I haven't made them all yet. I need a few more tanks and a lot more men as a played a game against Stuart but I got wiped out in 2 turns. I want to get a hammerhead and a sky ray gun ship to dense my forces. One last thing, I also want to collect more kroot (krootox,greater knarloc,kroot hounds, kroot.) Please help me decide what to get next.


Well thanks for reading. We will be off interviews after this one for a while. Please help Jack with his Tau if you can! Thanks for reading,

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