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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Painting: LOADS done on Space Wolves (pics included).

Hi, just thought I'd share my most recent updates with the wolves.Here we go:

It's hard to see I know but these guys have been painted shadow grey then had a heavy wash of devlan mud

Here are the other 5.

Now here's some progress. the armour has been reestablished with shadow grey except for the recesses. Most of the yellow base coat for gold has been done. both shoulder pads have received their base coats and the face and base coat of the hair are started.

A closer look.

The other blood claws.

A closer look at some wolf pelts. oh yea, they have been started too.

The wolf guard. Now, his armor was never reestablished because of the amount of wear and tear it would have, He has also had a load of work done.

A look at his back.

And finally a nice clear close up.

I hope you like them and please tell me if you don't. More work has been done since, pics to come. thanks for reading,

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