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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Painting: Games day chaos champion.

So, recently I have been painting up my games day mini. It will be a gift to my soon to be opened school warhammer club. It will make a sweet leader to the small chaos force. the guy still has a bit of work to be done but here are the pics:

The armour was first a blue, then highlighted overly. Then i washed with reds browns and greens before a final black wash. this all gives it a lot of depth. the legs started off being blended with blues but then i washed them to tie all the layers together. A lot of the other stuff wash many layers and some carefully thought out washes and stripes.
there has been an awful lot of work done on the back. especially the shield. that was painted. painted over again with watered down brown, then parts scratched down to the metal and built up to rust. this was complemented by some bolt gun metal around certain parts.

If you would like to hear more about any parts of the model then please contact me. please comment and tell me what you think and whether any improvements have to be made.
thanks for reading,

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