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Monday, 5 October 2009

Space Wolves: why I chose them.

Ok, so there has been a load of hype about how good the new wolves are. and quite frankly they are amazing. I just thought I'd share why I started them.

Because i am on suscription I got white dwarf early, I saw there were wolves on the over and imidiately loved them. I have always liked them but I loved them. this ws before I had seen the rules. All I knew was about jaws of the world wolf. So, at games day i go and buy a box of the delicious wolves. A few days ago I finished building them I made: 6 blood claws, 1 flamer blood claw, one plasma pistol blood claw, 1 power fist blood claw, 1 wolf guard with thunder hammer and storm shield and 4 long fangs (2 plasma cannons, 2 las cannons). Now, part way thrgh I saw the rules at my games workshop. i carried on with my plan for them, just made sure my squad was legal. I will be painting them as space wolves and using them as space wolves. yes I may built a competitive list but it will still be a list i like. I am also going to put a lot of effort into them and will have something I think looks cool.

Please give me some feedback (I want to star a bit of a discussion) thanks for reading,

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