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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Discussions: #6, Painting dilemmas.

Hi, this time i wanted to talk a little on painting dilemmas, or, more importantly, how much detail and time to put on a model. the above model is a prime example, do you do writing on the scroll or do you leave it blank. will you give the scroll bland or give it depth. Black armor is a big one as well as it is so tempting jsut to leave it solid black. on top of this there are a hundred other details on the chaplin that can be ignores, done dodgily or take up lots of time.
The thing you have to decide is whether or not you are going to spend a lot of time on the model. say it takes me 4 hours to paint 10 tac marines to my (in my opinion relatively high) standards. i can do a good boss in 2-4 hours as well. But, if I was painting marneus calgar or ragnar blackmane (hint hint) then I would spend far more time. That is my way though. i don't have deadlines other than providing material for my blog. So I spend lots of time on my minis. I f you are a commissioner then you may have to rush that characters details and do 2 stges on the cloak rarther than 4.
So, next time you are painting a mini. Just think, 'am I getting the best looking mini for my time and money'.
Discuss away guys. thanksfor reading,

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