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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Competitions: If you got it. Show it!

Hi, I thought that I would run a little competition just so i can see the results. Prize will be a) a link from my blog in a blog post b)bragging rights and c) i will put up a box near the top of my side bar saying competition winners and you will be the first on it. the competition is to paint 1 model for 40k fantasy or lord of the rings, submit up to 3 photos showing it off and send them to me. They will then be shown on this blog for the voting.

The model may be mounted on a cavalry/bike base, an up to 40mm round base or an up to 40mm square base. daemon princes etc are allowed but not tanks or steamtank/chariots. Be sensible with this. I want single figures. no dragons either the limit is a greater daemon and that's it!
The models may be shown work in progress in other places and shown finished in other places but it does not have to.
Be sensible. No swear words on the models.
The model must be finished and i would like them to be based. if you have not based the model then you may still enter but your chances to win will be reduced.

If you don't know whether your model is allowed then E-mail me at:

To sign up either reply to this post or e-mail me.

tell us if your interested, thanks for reading,

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