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Sunday, 4 October 2009

White Dwarf: White Dwarf 358 review + What I'm going to collect.

So, it's time for this month's white dwarf (Space Wolves) review. But first I have a small piece of news. It is that I will not be collecting chaos guard as hinted previously but instead I will be collecting space wolves. Anyway along with the review.

Editorial: This is just the editor rambling on about Space wolves and how cool they are. Not that interesting.

Whats in this issue: Designers notes, whats new in war of the ring, the first part of a gondor v easterling campaign, Special characters in Warhammer, al look at the new kits, eavy metal masterclass- wolf guard, a terrain show case, new stuff, news, three ways to use modeling snow, standard bearer, hall of fame, frontline, a battle report.

New release: the Space wolf codex, the space wolf box (can make blood caws, grey hunters or wolf guard in power armor, the spare bits can help you make any other unit in the codex), the wolf guard terminators, the battle force (is only £50 and contains a drop pod, 5 scuts, 20 space wolves), canis wolf born (a guy on a massive wolf), njal stormcaller, lukas the trickster (new guy, so cool), the new mega paint set, the golden king of harad, harad abrakhan guard, harad commanders, easterling commanders, black guard of barad dur commanders, black guard of barad-dur, kardush the fire caller, the knight of umbar, the betrayer. From the black library we have shamanslayer, space wolf the second omnibus and cadian blood. Forge world has the vendetta and vulture kit.

In news we have: Warhammer online call to arms advert (new expansion to do with khemiri), Space Marine on x box, Rouge trader the role play game. We gave the retro space wolves bits pack.

In company of wolves: This is the designers notes on the space wolves. First it describes the new backround and changes in the codex. It talks about the saga system and many other interesting things. Mixed i with all this are details on space wolf packs, Canis wolfborn, the great comanies, wolf guard termies, Dom murries space wolves( which are very well converted), characters (space wolves can take 4), scouts, sky claws (jump pack marines). After that is an army list called the saga of sven ironfist. It's supposed to be a typical army but we will see. Her it is:

Sven ironfist, wolf guard battle leader, terminator armour, saga of the beast slayer
Burek long tooth, rune priest, plasma pistol, melta bombs
5 wolf scouts, melta gun, plasma pistol
wolf guard pack
jurgen snowblight, term armour, chain fist, storm bolter
lars gristlefang, term armour thunder hammer and storm shield,
olf ironbrow, term armour 2 wolf claws
erik treefeller, term armour, power fist, assault cannon.
gamelias darkmane, term armor, pwr fist, storm bolter.
skjold nightwolf, term armour, pwr fist, storm bolter.
rikard frotfist, term armor, chain fist, hvy flamer.
vilhelm lavason, term armour 2 wolf claws.
leif far-traveled, pwr armour, thunder hammer, storm shield.
Olaf te breaker, pwr armour, fost axe and bolt pistol
5 blood claws, lukas the trickster, pwr weapon
5 blood claws, led by skjod nightwolf.
5 blood claws, led by gamelias darkmane
razorback, twin linked lascannon
9 grey hunters, flamer, pwr fist, wolf standard, led by rikard frostfist.
fast attack
3 swift claws, flamer, plasma pistol, attack bike with multi melta.
Hvy Support
LR crusader
multi melta
Vindicator, siege shield.
total: 2000 pts.

Next is a painting space wolves tutorial. Looks very good actually

Adverts for space wolves/marines

Next up, legions of the eye, this is the designers notes on the new WOTR minis. Looks quite good and a nice read.

Bood and Sand: This is the campaign between gondor and harad. It's a cool looking campagn and the scenari packs are interesting with a mix of WOTR and LOTR. Also ther are pics of some of the armies.

Mighty heroes mighty deads: This is an editorial on heroes in warhammer and how special characters can change your army. Should be a good read for 40k players too. Some nice armies are in there as well.

Now for the battle report: This month it is called: the wrath of the storm caller. this sweet battle report is about chaos v space wolves. the game is 3 objectives, pitched battle. here are the armies, (the chaos were allowed 4 HQ's for a bit more fun:

The Dark Tetragon:
blood thirster, unholy might
Great unclean one, cloud of flies
lord of change, we are legion
keeper of secrets, pavane of slaanesh

beast of nurgle
fiend of slaanesh
bloodcrusher of khorne
10 blood letters fury of khorne, icon and instrument
10 plaugebearers, icon and nstrument
10 pink horrors, bolt of tzeentch
10 daemonettes, transfixing gaze, icon and instrument
Fast attack
3 screamers
hvy support
soul grinder, phlegm

Howling mad:

Njal stormcaller, runic armour
ulrik the slayer
svengril drakesbane, rune priest, plasma pistol and saga of the beast slayer
canis wolfborn
6 wolf guard no.1 with term armour, pwr weapon and storm bolter, no.2 with term armor thunder hammer and storm shield, no.3 with term armor, twin wolf claws, no.4 term armor, chain fist and storm bolter, no.5 term armor, pwr weapon, storm bolter, no.6term armor, pwr fist, cyclone missile launcher.
Lone wolf haarkon, term armor, twin wolf claws.
Father jorn, dreadnaught, assault cannon, pwr fist, hvy flamer.
10 grey hunters, 2 plasma guns, power fist and wolf standard.
15 blood claws, plasma gun and pwr weapon.
fast attack
5 man sky claw pack, pwr fist, melta gun, plasma pistol.
hvy support
6 long fangs, 2 hvy bolters, missile launcher, plasma cannon and las cannon.

The battle was really good. i won't spoil it for you this time though. But basically the four space wolf heroes clashed with some form of daemons each. It was really cool to see some of them in action. tell me if you want more information.

Hobby essentials: This month there are some great tips on how to use modelling snow. 1 is basing, 2 is mixing with paint water and water effets to create wet looking mud and 3 is used on water for froth.

adverts on tools of the trade.

Standard bearer: Jervis talks about how fun painting nights are and how to organise them. Good fun as usual.

Super interchangeble space wolves: A look at the space wolf sprues, nicely laid out as usual. then ther is an atricle on converting and kit bashing the space wolves. It really shows you how to get milege out of the sprues. then they do the same to tanks.

Now comes the hall of fame: this month Dave Thomas chooses GUI LE GROS, here is a pic:As you can see it is a nice mini. Dave says he loves it for it's simplicity and character. As well as it's little details. Look on google images for more details. Dave also like Gui's friends Hugo le petit and bertrand the brigand but likes Gui most. Michel 9the sculptor) was very supprised as he had almost forgotten the mini and sculpted him in a very short time. he says the barrel took ages.

Eavy metal masterclass, wolf guard: here is a really good tutorial on how to paint wolf guard or as in this issue, lukas the trickster. lots of good tips here and quite a simple way to paint power armour. in fact, most of the tecniques are simple and only have 3 stages. Bubonic brown was the base for the yellow! really nice stuff.

Master modelers: this is an article all about the amazing terrain the studio has. It's got some great tips in and all of it looks really good. Nice to see some more terrain tutorials.

and that's about it. Skaven next month.

Thanks for reading everyone, please leave a review and tell me if you want something in more detail. Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading,

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