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Monday, 12 October 2009

Space wolves: First 14 guys (now converted) pics.

Hi, just thought that i would give you the pics of the now converted guys. here they are:

Both of these long fangs (above and below) have been given some form of bionic arm. this was because I couldn't fins the real arm in my bits box. Also the guy below has a shortened (slightly) lascannon because the end was broken.

Below is plasma cannon dev 1, he has extended shoulder pads. Tell us what you think.

Now for the 'knight' of the blood claw pack. I think i may have to give him an appropriate name (feel free to suggest any). All it is is a marauder a shield glues to his fist.

now for my favorite bits. the wolf pelts. here they are.

Basic conversion, just stick it on the guy.

This guy took a bit longer. First one pelt was glues round his waist, then another one was trimmed and stuck on slightly overlapping it. this gave a large cape thing effect.

This guys pelt was trimmed then stuck on high up on his back.
All of the pelts and shields were from a marauder kit that I had bits left over from. Please give us some feed back on a) what you think of me collecting wolves and b) what you think of these guys. Anyway, thanks for reding,

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