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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Space Wolves/Games Day: (more painted on space wolves and chmap nearly done) A joint post to make up for yesterday.

Hi, sorry for not posting yesterday but things got a bit hectic. Because of that I am giving you a double bill today. The champ is nearly done now. Just a few minor details and the arms left to go. here are the pics:

As he stands I have done the metals, the skulls, the belt and more. have a look at him.

The smiley face has been fixed on the cloak and it has been muddied appropriately.

Another view.

Now for part 2. These four space wolves are now shadow grey.

Here is an in detail look at one of them.
Thanks for coming back and i am sorry for not posting yesterday. tell us what you think and contact me if I have made mistake. thanks for reading,

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