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Friday, 30 October 2009

Reviews: Space wolf book four, WOLF BLADE.

Hi, just thought I would try a book review today. I have recently finished Wolf Blade so thought I would do that, here goes:

The entire series is about Ragnar Blackmane as a new recruit, through blood claw then wolf blade. I have not read the 1st 3 but have read the fourth which starts a couple of yrs after the 3rd. Basically Ragnar gets exiled to the wolf blade for 'losing' the spear of Russ. he was actually trying to stop magnus the red. Anyway. the wolf blade is a small selection of space wolves that guard the navigator house belisarius in return for navigators. When hes is sent to Terra to join the wolf blade a navigator lady who has been spending time on fenris goes with him. On the journey he is made to protect her. On the way she is attacked by a poisonous robotic spider that Ragnar saves her from.

On Terra Ragnar is met by Torrin who is a rather eccentric space wolf who loves finesse etc. he takes him to his chambers and shows him around. the other main character is Haegr who is massive and the only space wolf you could call fat. He is 'honorable' and incredibly strong and a great fighter.

The whole plot is about them protecting house belisarius from the brotherhood who hate mutants. They have to go into the catacombs beneath Terra on a mission to kill a load of the brotherhood and kill their psycher leader but get battered. Torrin is separated from them so Haegr (who is very hurt) and Ragnar have to find a medic in a little village. they get there and Haegr is fixed up a bit then an old man guides them to the elevator. they are chased by the brotherhood and there are some great fight scenes. When they can't get to the elevator they go to this comns station and find Torrin. While they wait for reinforcements they have to hold out against a mass of brotherhood.

Once they get out they have to protect the leader of house belisarius from a massive attack. In the end Ragnar kills a administartum assassin!!!

Throughout the story are a load of sub plots and Ragnar is trying to get his head around who (un)holy TERRA works. I haven't ruined the whole thing for you here and I think you should definitely read this book. I have to say that it was really enjoyable and I would recommend it to anybody.

Thanks for readimng guys and I hope that you liked this. Give me feed back on how I did and what I missed in a book review. If any of you have read WOLF BLADE then feel free to tell me what I have mised and I will keep it in mind for next time. thanks for reading,

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