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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Tutorials: How I paint pt1, Rank and file.

Ok, so today I would like to talk a little bit about how i paint my basic troops. Now, my first stage is always to prime them black as that is my chosen spray. then I start with one of the foundation paints, using the salamander above as an example I use ork hide shad, though knarloc green would also work. then i follow up with a couple of layers of my main colours. So in the example above, snot green. now i highlight. Now generally i only do 1 or 2 highlights, if only one then I would hit the sallies with scorpion green on the edges. if 2 then mix scorpion green with snot green 1:1 then hit the highest parts with scorpion green. Now, you can leave it there for the main part but I do have a little trick. WASHES, here is the interesting part , on my sallies i could just use thraka green but as I want them dirty i use devlan mud normally. That's about it for the main armor. if your painting models with less block spaces then I treat each space a a block. So I would paint the cloth with a similar method then paint the top then the boots etc.
Now it is a case of picking out details etc etc. later in this series then we will talk about different parts of models.
Please tell me what you think and whether you like this series. Also vote on the poll in the side bar.
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