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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Soap Box: New section! (your chance to talk).

Hi, The soap box is now up and runningand it needs you. When I was starting out I found that I would love to post on someone else's blog to get publicity for mine. Places like From The Warp get loads of views and if I got 1 post on their with a link to my blog I might get another couple of followers. now to some that ain't much but when your starting out, it's a lot. So, I thought I would start this section. What I want you to do is send me a post (I am talking to bloggers who are starting out but i would be honoured to have people like Devlin and Ron and Admiral Drax do this) where was I, oh yes. I want you to send me a post that you want putting up on my blog. It would be great if I got enough to do 1 a week. If I get more though you might have to share the soap box (don't worry it's big) and I'll do two in 1 post. the topic can be anything you choose as long as it is related to what my blog is about. Of course, feel free to link to your blog but don't make it just an advert as i will be reading your post and making sure it is suitable. To send me the post, just e-mail it too: that link is also on my left sidebar.

Please. Tell us what you think. if you have any questions either comment or e-mail me. Thanks for reading (an hopefully sending me a post),

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