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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Theming: Making a unified them (not army composition)

So, The next FTW collaborative post is on making a unified theme for your army outside army composition, here are my thoughts:

  1. Bases, now, this is obvious but what I like to do is try and tell a continued story with them, like for instance having an orks arm on one base then a head on another or putting models together and painting bloody foot prints that when they are together follow on from one another etc also you could make little bits of plastic with slots for round bases (I.E. parts of the WoTR movement trays) and have it so that you can make mini dioramas for display.
  2. If your army is always fighting one particular enemy (eldar = chaos etc) then you could have them fighting it, I once saw a daemon prince with magnets on the feet that could be magnet on to 2 dire avenger bases then the rest of the squad had the guns pointing up at it. It was executed well and looked really cool. Even just the odd ork being decapitated looks cool.
  3. Setting your army in one particular time helps to for instance the start of a drop pod assault. This would mean all of your assault marines could have flying stands so as to look like they are just landing and you could do the same with your drop pods only with the large flying stand, I can't wait to see a rhino on flying stand, that would look either really odd or really cool.
  4. My final method is paint scheme, yes I know everybody chooses a paint scheme and uses that but the amount of battle damage is important now some things get more beaten up than others but try and keep damage levels relatively consistent and when you are making your important models stand out don't deviate too far from the colour scheme.
So, what do you think. Tell me if I have missed anything. Thanks for reading.

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