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Monday, 28 July 2008

My Army: collectors

Hellow and welcome to what I hope to become a regular POST. This post is about my army or more percificly what I plan on collecting.
So far I have:
A captain with combi melta and power fist
A chaplain with crosius and storm bolter wearing terminator armour, he has a bodygaurd of five terminators all equiped with storm bolters except for one with a assault cannon one with a power sword, one with a whirlwind missile launcher, two with power fists and two with chain fists.
One dreadnaught with lascannon and power fist
23 space marines, 3 are sargents 2 have missile launchers 1 has a plasma gun 1 has a melta gun and one has a flamer
5 scouts 2 withe clase combat wepon and bolt pistol, 1 with shotgun, 1 with heavy bolter and one with bolter
Fast attack
4 bikes one with power wepon and lightning claw 1 with melta gun and one with plasma gun.
heavy support
Land raider with lascannons
vindicator with pintle mounted storm bolter

What I plan to get:

Techmarine in full servo harnss with four servitors
Two land speeder one tornado and one tyfoon
Attack bike
A battle force

Is there anything els you think I should get if so please write.

2 Blasphemous comments:

lone pilgrim said...

Hey there! Nice blog, especially considering you're ten years old. I couldn't even program my video recorder at that age, never mind run a blog.

You're army looks like a good solid start so far. I would add more mobility - either with Rhinos and Razorbacks or with jump pack troops.

Good luck.

Jacob Moxham said...

Hey thanks lone pilgrim I'll see what I want to add from the new codex

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