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Saturday, 6 September 2008

My Army: redone

Hi guys and welcome to another army update.

Terran Hands space marines:

What I have: space marine captain with power fist and combi melta.
terminator chaplain.
dreadnaught with close combat weapon and lascannon
5 teminators with a missile launcher and/or assault cannon
20 tactical marines
1 rhino
1 land speeder typhoon
4 bikes
5 man assault squad
land raider terminus.

What I plan to get:

battle force
some more land speeders
some more bikes + attack bike
more rhinos
10 more marines
tech marine with servitors
maybe some drop pods
some vangaurd veterans
and I might have forgoten something but I don't think I have...

and as before don't hesitate to ask questions or comment I welcome all comments
once again if you comment then I'll try to link you under Imperial Records.
see you later.

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