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Saturday, 16 August 2008

5 ed (kind of ) 500 Points Terran Hands (my army) Vs IG Stuarts army

I got another game against my mate Stuart the other day. I used a vindicator and four 5 man tactical squads (we didn't bother with the FOC)
Stu used one conscript platoon, colonel Schafer, a leman russ, three heavy wepon teams and two 5 man squads of storm troopers with a sentinal.

The table was relitively clear with a brick wall on one side with a building and some rocks on my side.
I started by moving my vindi ( vindi-anna jones ) and one squad moving up to face the building my two squads moving up the other side leaving one squad in reserve.
Stu put his force out of the walls and his tank moved into cover ( idiot ).
I then moved one of my squads out to the far rightthe other made pot shots with te missile launcher, at some point vindianna made a blow in one of his squads and his ank rolled out.

So far this is the campaign results:

SM me: win 1 lose 0 draw 0

IG Stu: win 0 lose 1 draw 0

N Rob: win 0 lose 0 draw 0

by the end of the turmoil I had squads left o go and try and get t his heavy wepons and our tanks were facing off but we had to stop their for it was time to go I won by about 50 or so points.
This was the first battle of a 4th edition campain involving me Stu and his brother Rob

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