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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Terrain Project: finished.

I've just finished my terrain projest of the calibre gate in the Archon system.
Here it is.

The mountain

A simple defence network

The gatehouse.

The imperial bunker

The stand/ gun post/ podium at the end of the road

one of the small gate ways in to calibre that has been taken over by necrons, left is a small tomb and right is a necron obelisk.

So thats it folks my grand board what do you think, leave me a comment.

1 Blasphemous comments:

Devilin said...

What great scenery. You've got different parts and ideas in there and you've put in lots of thought.

You have hoarded an impressive array of pots and bottles to construct it from, this is the art of the terrain builder.

Some more things to try:-

Large matchboxes make excellent walls, especially if you cut out the backs and place support beam (card) and rivets (matchsticks cut up) on them. You can create a freestanding fort.

Straws make great pipes, stones, fir cones and moss are excellent for plantlife. Corigated cardboard prised apart makes excellent corrugated metal roofs.

Try hiding the tops of your bottles with something as the lip really gives away what it once was.

I go with orks because it can all look dead scruffy! See if you can buy some bulk acrlic paint (cheap stuff) from the discount store, citadel paints are too expensive. And if you mix grit or sand into it it get all textured like concrete!

Finally if you really want to make some really easy and awesome looking buildings. Collect all the plastic packaging from your Easter Eggs, check it out on my blog.

Hope this helps, really impressed with what you made - keep it up!

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