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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Rambles: Broken units, are there really any?

Ok, so, this time I am going to talk about broken units or rather how their can't be any, here we go.

The thing that makes a unit broken or game braking is the fact that it can defeat or help your army defeat the enemy more easily, too easily it seems sometimes, but, once you have seen a broken unit a few times then is it still broken to you?

For example, if I fight nob bikers with all of the cheese on them every week for 5 weeks 0nce a week, I will guarantee I will know how to kill it easily by the 5th weak. Another example that I can relate to is doom/guide/fortune farseers on foot. One of them was a with big unit of dire avengers, he fortuned them to keep them alive then guided/doomed my units to death. I don't think that this is a broken unit but I take it as a challenge. The way I dealt with it was to tie the unit up in combat with a tar pit then do waht I wanted before piling in and killing the unit, you may say that was a waste of units but you have to remember I am saving my self points that they would have killed aswell as using my points against theirs.

The point is that if I hear that nob bikers are brilliant and want to play them but then don't want to be an ass then I can't play them. Now, if people took nob bikers in my army as a challenge for them to try and beat it lets me use what I want and it keeps thing fresh as people have to find new challenges.

So next time you see someone contemplating taking a supposedly broken unit then tell them that you will play them and take it as a challenge!

If anybody has any other questions or comments or anything to add onto tis post then please comment away!
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