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Monday, 4 May 2009

RPG: An Idea I have had for a new one.

OK, so I have had an idea for a new RPG, based on necromunda, some of you (hopefully) would be a gang and I would b game master, every now and again I would post a scenario up here, assigning specific roles to each person, then, you must write what equipment you take out of the armoury for that mission and say how you use them in a comment here, I will assign skills to people as they progress. To decide what you actually do, you wite a short story say 4 paragraphs long (longer if you want) following the guide lines I set out in the mission briefing. I will assign some one as leader of the gang and they will write their story first and, as gang leader will do a little overview in their story checking up on the other gang members to give them a guide line, they can make a fire fight hapen or whatevr in whaich case the other stories will have to corespond, I will number each gang member and that will be the order that you write your stories. This is to enhure that all of the stories fit together.

So if you want to join or are interested then say and post your profile, like so:

Name: Warren
description: angry, hotshot, black coat etc
weapons/equipment: heavy bolter, las pistol, dagger, hellfire rounds.
gang position: heavy
weight: 12 stone 5

Add any other info you like to that list, in the gang there are: 2 heavies,1 gang leader, 4 gangers, 2 juves, postions supplied on a first come first serve basis, the above person does not count it was just an example. For your weapons chose from the list bellow, as we gain more items they will be added to the scenrio armoury but this is the starter armoury:

bolter (1)
heavy stubbers(1)
heavy bolters(1)
throwing knives(6)
long knives(3)
las pistols(6)
auto pistols (4)
grenade packs(6, we like these)
If you want any other weapons tell me ant I'll consider, some weapons I will say no to because we will pick them up. You assign your own equipment and i will do an over view of each person.

So tell me waht you think and if your interested.
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