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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Discussions:Miniture likes and dislikes mini series: Metal V Plastic.

Ok, time for the part of a small series of discussions where I will ask a question talk about my point of view then let you lot take it up and run with. This will only work if you give your opinions so please comment.

General: I quite like metals for there detail. I don't mind characters being metal but I don't like massive kits like dragons being metal.
Pro's: It's sturdy and strong. Has very, very good detail and is quite easy to clean. Plus it encourages people to use greenstuff because it is harder to convert.
Con's: It will shatter if dropped on tiles (as a general rule). Spray doesn't cover them as well as plastics. They are expensive, and following on from one of the pro's they are hard to convert.

General: Plastics are slightly more delicate than metals with things like spears but have some bad sides.
Pro's: Cheap, relatively durable and very easy to convert plus lots of options on sprues.
Con's: Can bend if preassure is applied for a while, not quite as much detail as metals though the moulds are getting very good now. Lots of cleaning of mould lines and flash.

Conclusion: I like metals for some of my characters because of that extra touch of detail and the fell of a heavy model but for rand and file and your main units plastic is great because of all the options and the cheapness.

So guys, discuss away. i want to hear your views. Can you point out any other pros and cons. I would love to hear fom someone that really loves using metals on loads of there army.

P.S. How is this posting almost every day thing going for everyone. Do you like it.

Jacob out.
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