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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Tutorials: How I paint parchment, tabards, scrolls etc. The easy way

Hi, when I was away I was painting my WIP marine squad and I had the parchment tabard thing to do so I thought I'd show you how I do my parchment.

1: Colours)The 3 main colours are: Tallarn flesh (base), Elf flesh (main colour) and Bleached bone (highlight) though other colours are used in the tutorial.

2: Base coat) Apply tallarn flesh over a black undercoat for a nice even base. Sory for the awful pic but you get the idea.

3: Main coat) This may take a few layers but make shure you get this stage right.
4: Highlight) Now just hit the hard edges with bleached bone, you can add white over multiple coats if you want multiple highlight staged but I just stick with straight bleached bone. It's quite hard to see in this pick but it makes all the difference.

5: optional: wash) Now this is where you have to make a desicion between aged or new. If you are going for a new scroll then skip this step but if you want an aged scroll (in my opinion the better option) then wash the whole thing heavly with the fantastic Devlan mud wash.
quick tip: the wash may pool or run into one side of the scroll. On this model I had to do 1 coat with him upside down and then another with him standing up to get a good coverage.

6: kind of optional: detail) Thia stage is kind of optional but it makes the tabard look a whole lot better. I have just done a bit of text and a couple of symbols using just a few colours.

Thanks for reading and I hope this is useful. Next i will be doing a tutorial on how to do that writing and symbols etc on tabards. Hope you come back.

Jacob out!

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