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Monday, 24 August 2009

Salamanders/WoC: Marauders half sprayed, 3 rhinos and 2 speeders fully sprayed.

So, I ran out of spray half way through spraying the marauders but I did mannage to do the rhinos and speeders, info bellow each pic.

The whole lot.
I really like the look of these guys, the musician has a converted musical instrument. They cound as having spears (not throwing spears) and hand weapons and shields.

Overall these are my favourites they count as being armed the same as the other unit but I didn't want them looking exactly the same.

Now for the flail guys which are a really useful unit and I really like using them.

Now for the 40k. As you can see all the stuff is sprayed. At the time of posting two of the rhinos have the green on them and one has the metal started.

Here is a little peak at what is to come. It is WoC but you can try and guess what it is the start of. All will be revealed in a few days.
Thanks for reading everyone and please comment if you know what that greenstuffed thing will be.
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