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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Tutorials: Tabards2, The writing/detail.

So, this time I am back with the second part of my tabards/scrolls etc tutorial which is the writing and detail. ther are lots of things you need to think about when you paint the writing onto a rabard I will run through them below the pic.

The first thing is colour. If you have done the parchmenty type thing from the last post then either red or black works well but if you have done a different colour more thought has to go into it.
Red goes with most things. Blood red is best i find. Blue can work for runes if you want them to glow but that is a tutorial in it's self. Black works well but on nparchment I preffer red for a more bloody look. For the guy above I chose black because I had a very deep red on the tabard, I think it worked quite well to be honest.
The second thing you need to think about is the balance between symbols and writing. I will give a few examples using dashes and punctuation to show you.
1 Standard)
-------------- --------------
------- --
Withe the standard it is just line but you have to make shure that you have some variation though all of the log lines should be the same length.
2Standard with symbols (my favourite)
---- --- --
This version is the same as the standard but you have something at the top and some symbols around the bottom and sides. This is what I do most of the time.
Now onto the actuall how to bit. Most of this is about brush control. What I do is I get a very fine brush and have a practice on a bit of paper. the more you paint in this way the better you will get. So, when you learning you can just do something le and x at the top but if you want to go to town try and do a little immage. if you can do an aquila then you are going to find the easy. Anyway after the top symbol then do a long slightly squiggly li9ne and the top line of script, then either do another line the same length or one about half as long. keep repeating this process until you have enough script I reacon about 3-5 lines for a loin cloth and 6-8 for a tabard. After than you may want to add some extra symbols. You can do crosses x's or you can try and do images.
The only other thing you need to do is put it with some other guys and see if it looks good.
Thanks for reading I hope you found this useful. Makeshure you check out yesterdays guide on how to paint the parchment/tabard.
If you guys have any other tip then please comment away. I would really like to get some discussion going on this.
Thanks for reading.

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