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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Army Lists: All rounder.

Ok so here we go.


captain: artificer armour, combi-melta, melta bombs, hellfire rounds and power fist=165


Tac squad 1: (10 men) lascannon, melta gun, rhino with hunter killer and extra armour= 245
Tac squad 2: plasma cannon, rhino with hunter killer and extra armour= 2 235
Tac squad 3: Sergeant with chainsword and bolter, flamer= 230


Terminators: 2 chainfists, cyclone missile launcher, land raider with hunter killer and extra armour= 515
Sterngaurd: power fist, combi-plasma, Razorback with twin lascannons= 230

Fast Attack

Land speeder: typhoon missile launcher= 90
Attack bike= 40

That comes to 1750pts and the Sterngaurd will ride with the commander, the enemy will be taken out by lascannons and hunter killers early on and most of the army is fast and punchy.

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