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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Scenario: get away with the loot.

Get away with the loot.

Board: play on a 6ft by 4ft board with trees scattered around and a few rocks and baricades. Place 3 beacons 4-6 inches away from one short board edge.

Armies: play with the attackers having 1000 points and the defenders having the same.
Rules: the attackers have to reach the beacons to teleport out but the defenders will run out and stop them. The attackers deploy all of their forces on the opposit side to the beacons, they can only win if they can get to them and escape, after 2 turns the defenders will arive but they will not be able to move until their turn three. Attackers go first. if a attacker is in contact with a beacon at the end of his turn then he rolls a dice on a 3+ he and his unit are removes his unit and gains 1 victory point. For every unit the defenders cut down then they gain one victory point.
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