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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Codex: Chaos cultists: The first steps.

So, I have decided to make an unofficial codex, it is supposed to represent chaos worshipers who are not chaos space marines. Like Guard to space marines.

Stats would be simmaler to guardsmen but could then be enhanced by marks, here is a little idea:

Khorne: The squad may be equipped with combat weapons and pistols as standard equipment and gain the furious charge special rule. + 5 points per model.

Slannesh: The squad gains fleet, an extra close combat attack +1 initiative and Slannesh aura( if a unit is within 12 inches it must move towards the deamons and at the end of their movement phase gets pinned). + 9 points per model.

Tzneech: The unit gains a 5+ invulnerable save and the leader may use one of the following powers each turn:

Changer of ways: The unit always strikes first in the following turn.
Summoning: roll a D6 on a six a spawn apears using deep strike.
enhanced: all attacks made by the unit are +1 to hit.
= +7 points per model.

Nurgle: The unit is +1 toughness and in combat may forgo any normal attacks and make D3 automatic hitting S3 AP5 hits. +6 points per model.

Undivided 1: The unit is +2 leadership.+3 points per model.
Undivided 2: All models are +1 strength. +2 points per model
Undivided 3: Your sieze the initiative roll becomes a 5+. +4 points per model.

This is just the start. Some of the men may get more phycic abilities, I was thinking a base cost of 3 points per model but they must select between 1-2 powers.

This is the first profile for the daemonic lasgun: S3 AP- assault2.
Oh and each daemon squad must take a weak minds test at the start of each turn and on a six they count as pinned for that turn. If you have a special item I need to think of a name for in play this is ignored.

Post what you think. This is only a taster their will be more to come.
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