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Friday, 14 November 2008

Made up rules: Twins Saphieira (Saf-e-era) and Saul

These rules are my first try at making up rules and are for to made up characters for use in 40K

Fluff: The twins are of a relentless breed of Astartes from a planet called Chafron, Saul was a hardened veteran in the art of brutal fighting. Saphieier however was a galorius artist in battle, he was not like Lucius in the horus heresy but rather Will Turner from Jack sparrow.

Saul: WS5 BS8 S5 Tx Wx I6 A3 LD10 Sv 3+ (invulnerable)

Wargear: power sword, Chagrat, blue gem of chafron, frag and krak grenades

Special rules: Hard fighter, Twin, Oblivion, revenge, ATSKNF, combat tactics.

Hard fighter: Saul is a master of playing dead then springing back up again, treat him as toughness 4 if he loses a wound roll 2 dice if the roll is a 7 then the attacker loses 1 automatic wound which no save can be taken against (this includes invulnerable) if the roll is an 8 or more then he may retake his invulnerable save if it is less then he loses the wound.

Twin: between the two twins they have 6 floating wounds, their strong connection makes them be able to phicicly pass pain to each other.

Oblivion: The nature of Saul makes him a fierce fighter, He may make 6 attacks instead of his normal 3 but for these attacks he may not use any aid these are just standard punching and kicking attacks.

Revenge: When not using Oblivion Saul has prefered enemy: all, because of the death of his entire planet by many races.

Blue gem of Chafron: this gem is what links to the Red gem of Chafron and makes Sauls save invulnerable.

Chagrat: this is a plasma pistol with the following modifiers, you can use it's effect in the assault phase for up to half of sauls attacks (rounding down) if Saul stays still in the movement phase it counts as a plasmagun, Saul can still charge though.

Saphieira: WS 6 BS5 S4 T4 Wx I6 A4 LD10 Sv 3+ (invulnerable)

Wargear: Slitherien, Comact heat pistol, Red gem of Chafron, krak and frag grenades.

Special rules: Grace, Twin, Revenge, ATSKNF, combat tactics.

Grace: Saphieira is an artist in battle and so always strikes one place twin, he can also forgo his normal attacks and make a single one at, I10 WS10 instant death, overides eternal warrior, syapse etc.

Twin: Saul and Saphieira have 6 floating wounds which they use between them.

Revenge: Saul has prefered enemy: all

Slitherien: This is a weapon that looks like a sword but acts like a lightning claw.
Compact heat pistol: This is a pistol with the following profile: S8 AP1 combat weapon, pistol.
This pistol has the combat weapon special rule which allows it to make an extra attack in close combat with the pistol.

Red gem of Chafron: Makes Saphieira save invulnerable.

Joined special rules: Both models must remain within 12 inches of each other and must either be both out of combat, one in and one out or both in the same combat. If one model dies then the other takes a moral check then becomes an independant character.

Ws: If weaponskill is over the chart limit then use the same procedure as with shootin I.E. Re-roll with a different chance of sucsess.

These two models must both be bought or neither, they take up one HQ selectoin between them. They can be used in an inquisition army, an imperial gaurd army or a space marine army.

Notes: I know I have not put points coasts down and that is because I have not decided yet, tell me if you think I have missed something and help me think of a points cost and ways to improve.
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