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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Made up rules: Twins again.

Ok so I put my idea up on the bolter and chainsword and a guy did some math for points cost. it came in at 775 points between them. Aggggggggg I then said 500 because they are only 2 models moving 6 inches a turn but that would put them into apoc, I want them to be feasable for regular games so here are some new rules. The abilities are as before unless I state otherwise.

Saul: WS 5 BS7 S5 T4 Wx I6 A3 Sv 3+ (4+)

Wargear: power sword, Chagrat, blue gem of Chafron (now gives 4+ invun and leaves Saul with 3+ armour save), frag and krak grenades.
Special rules: Twin (now only 4 floating wounds), Oblivion, revenge, ATSKNF, Combat tactics.

Saphieira: WS 6 BS 6 S4 T4 I6 A2 (3 because of pistol) Sv 3+ (4+)

Wargear: Slitheiren, compact heat pistol, red gem of Chafron (4+ invun), frag and Krag grenades.
Special rules: Twin (4 wounds floating), grace, revenge, ATSKNF, combat tactics.

Grace: Before any other person strikes grace may forgo making any regular attacks and perform a single attack at poisoned (2+).

Joined special rules: Both models must remain in unit coherency though this is extended to 6 inches.
Both characters may be bought as a single HW choice if they are bought then no other HQ is alowed other than a Chaplain, Librarian, an Inquisitor or a command platoon.
Revenge: This now makes both models have digital weapons and against enemy HQ's their weapons count as master crafted.

These characters are avalible as a HQ selection for Space marines, the Inquisition or gaurd.
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