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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Shopping: New paints.

Hi guys, I have just stocked up on new paints this list is a list not just of my new paints but of all my paints:

Foundation paints:

Orkhide Shade
Mechrite Red
Iyanden Darksun


Badab Black
Baal Red
Thraka Green

Normal paints:

Red gore x2 (I bought a new one today aswell as the fact I had 3 but one ran out)
Skull White
Mithral silver
Golden Yellow
Sunburst Yellow
Bestial Brown
Boltgun Metal
Bleached Bone
Leach Purple
Elf Flesh
Darkangels Green
Snot Green
Blazing Orange
Blood Red
Goblin Green
Shining Gold
Chaos Black

You may be wondering why I have so many greens, it's because I will be collecting orks soon enough. I was going to get chaos but then I changed my mind. Including the 1 emty bottle I have 26 paints 14 of which I bought today. There will be more info on how the paints are working later.
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