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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Armies: Those great ones that are way to expensive.

Round here there are some guys that get an awful lot of money to spend on warhammer and 40K, they are the guys that take a baneblade set of tracks, build some imperial sector buildings on top, scratch build 2 arms then but a tone of scrap on then paint to a high standard, this makes one awesome looking super-stompa.

Now, I have thought of some ridiculous armies that will never get done, like a space marine force where very man has tank track legs and the vehicles are just much larger versions of the same thing, this could be used as a radical space marine army, a mechanicum army or a chaos army.

Another is the all can ork army, having deff copters as killa cans with BIG ROKET BOOSTRZ representing mega nobz with mini cans, then you make the mega nobz troops.

Now, some people would make these armies, but most of us never could unless we put a lot of money in. Now, if you think that and army with a few options is going to cast about £300 give or take then next time you have that cash just think. Could I make half of a really, really nice army with that money.

Have you got any of those armies, or have you got any ideas. Lets here them, thanks for reading,

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