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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Army finishing project: Finished tzeentch sorcerer on disk!

So, I have now finished my Tzeentch sorc on disk. I used none metallic metal on the halberd and disk prongs and the only metallic colour used was shining gold. Anyway, here are the pics in a slideshow:

Pros: I am quite pleased with the NMM and the fire, as well as the grubby-ish white. I like hi and I think he stands up to close inspection as I took time in the intricate details especially he little tube on his belt which i used a speckling effect for.

Cons: the only bad bit for me is the stand. I custom made it out of a pen but i can't seem to make him stick and make it not brittle. That's why he is propped up on a bouncy ball.

Tell us what you think, thanks for reading,


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