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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

White Dwarf: 364, mini round-up.

I have found that the full reviews of white dwarf are a little long and not many people read them so I will just round up the bits that interest ME.

Battle report: Is a good game that shows off the new models as you would expect but whilst the armies are not broken they are pretty hard and the game doesn't seem overly 'perfect' so it looks like it wasn't 'fudged'.

Old war stories: This is one of my favourite articles and it talks about scenario gaming. Then it gives us one scenario and how a game went. The other guy will do the same next month and they will decide on a winner.

Move and fire: this months tactics article is about gunlines both magic and shooty in fantasy and how they work. It also includes a standard dark elf power army from last year. Overall very good to be honest.

Masterclass: The painting masterclass is ace this month. It teaches NMM gold really well.

Army masters: a great looking if bright vampire counts doubles army that has plenty of conversions.

Standard bearer: Jervis talks about banner designs and what looks right. Very nice!

Battlefield challenge: This months challenge is duel and involves 2 characters fighting it out in the middle of the board to the death. the armies end up quite close together because of a movement special rule allowing them to surge forward. Both characters in the duel have killing blow for the game and the winner gets first turn which often allows for first turn charges. Quite interesting really.
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